Cisco Heat: All American Police Car Race


Games Like Cisco Heat: All American Police Car Race for PS3

#1 Wheelman


Wheelman is a marvelous video game for those players who love playing GTA-like games. The game offers Action-Adventure, Open World, and Exploration gameplay for multiple platforms developed by Tigon Studios and published by Midway Games. It puts you into the fully destructible world and features more than thirty-one story-based missions and up to 105 side-missions. The player assumes the role of the protagonist and his ultimate task is to explore the world from a third-person view, interact with non-player characters to get his tasks and struggle to complete them to earn money. A huge variety of weapons, vehicles, and objectives are available for hardcore players. The player as the hero (Milo Burik) can navigate the world from either on foot or by vehicle. According to the story, the protagonist must work along with a criminal gang in Barcelona, plans out the biggest heist of their career. The game becomes challenging, as the player completes some levels. During the game, the player can drive any vehicle, fight against enemies using weapons, melee combat and more. Try it out, and you’ll love it.