Games Like Chuchel for PC

#1 Flappy Bird


Who isn’t familiar with Flappy Bird? A Physics-based Side-Scrolling Android and iOS game that forced people to beak their devices out of frustration was developed by Dong Nguyen a Vietnam based programmer and it was published by the Gears Studios. The game Flappy Bird features 2D retro style graphics and a bird who needs a player’s help to navigate through the Mario Like green pipes. With every tap on the screen, the bird flies and if you stop taping, the bird dies because of the gravity or smashing into the pipe. With every pipe passed, player gets a score point and a medal. Flappy Bird was the most downloaded game on App Stores (Android & iOS) and it earned almost 50,000 USD Dollars per day in App Purchases but it was pulled out from the stores by the developer after only 28 days of its first launch. The sudden absence of the game from stores ignited the need of some new games like Flappy Bird and in result a countless number of games were introduced and made available for Android and iOS platforms.