Chibi Maruko-Chan: Mezase! Minami no Island!!

Games Like Chibi Maruko-Chan: Mezase! Minami no Island!!

#1 Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors


Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors is an Adventure, Fighting, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed by Sunsoft. Unlike other 2D fighting games, the player has to beat the opponents using all of his best fighting skills. Two fighters are there in the battle where the player who K.Os the other player first wins the fight.

Each fight lasts for a few minutes, and the player has to complete the mission in a limited time. If the time approaches zero, the player wins, remaining with the highest power. The game has eight characters where every character has a unique fighting ability and game-style. The game features a four-button layout where the first three buttons are for attacks.

#2 Waku Waku 7


Waku Waku 7 is a 2D, Fighting, Adventure, and Single-player video developed by Sunsoft for multiple platforms. Unlike other fighting adventures, the player has to beat the opponent by depleting his power to zero. The player can use his best fighting skills to outlast the opposing characters, but the challenges make the game harder.

The game has nine characters where the player can play with any fighter having varied abilities and attacking skills. Every player in the battle has a specific HP, and as the rival attacks, it gets depleted. The player whose power gets out of running earlier will lose the round. Each battle lasts for one minute, and within the time granted, the player has to K.O the opponent.

#3 Astra Superstars


Astra Superstars is a Fighting, Adventure, and Single-player video game developed by Sunsoft. Throughout the game, the player serves as a fighter where the objective is to knock out the opponent in multiple rounds. There are two modes in the arcade game, such as Story Mode and VS. mode.

There is limited time to complete the fights, and when the time gets over, the player with the high remaining HP wins. In story mode, the player must fight with the opponent by selecting one character. Depending on the selected character, the difficulty scenario will alter. The player controls the character’s movements using a joystick placed at the bottom of the screen.

#4 Sugoi Hebereke


Sugoi Hebereke is an Adventure, Platform, and Single-player video game developed by Sunsoft. Throughout the game, the player controls a character where the main mission is to outlast the other three opponents on the grid. In this beat-em-up adventure, the player who has eliminated the other three players first will become the victor, and the game restarts.

The game has eight different characters, such as Hebe, O-Chan, Utsuzin, Unyoon, etc., with various abilities. The player vies the character from an isometric angle where multiple locations are available with unique designs. All the places offer a wealth of collectibles, physical objects, and dangers.