23 Games Like Call of Cthulhu

Call of Cthulhu is a Survival-Horror and Single-player video game with an emphasis on Role-playing elements, developed by Cyanide and published by Focus Home Interactive. The game introduces the semi-open world environment and offers the perfect blend of themes of psychological horror and Lovecraftian into a storyline which features elements of stealth and investigation. The story follows an investigator named Edward Pierce, a private detective facing off an existential crisis. It takes place in the setting of 1924, where Boston doesn’t offer any case, the protagonist stops to consuming pills and alcohol to satisfy his mind. The hope of the Pierce shines when a strange briefcase lands on his deck. The protagonist is tasked with solving the death case of the Hawkins family, who strangely died in the fire. Only a clue is a picture painted by the crazy mother before her death. The player embarks on a journey to save complex cases to become the best detective. Call of Cthulhu includes prominent features such as Third-person Exploration, Become a Detective, 3D Environment, and more.

4. Darkwood

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Darkwood is an Action-Adventure and Horror-Survival video game that offers an Open World game-play with procedurally generated game levels. It blends in RPG, Action, Adventure and Roguelike elements beautifully and allows you to immerse yourself deeply into an amazing game-play. Left alone as an unknown character, you’ll have to seek…

6. Don’t Starve Together

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Don’t Starve Together is a standalone Action-Adventure and Survival expansion pack of the original Don’t Starve with Multiplayer functionality. The game offers Reign of Giants mod that features new characters, new challenges, Puzzles, biomes, seasons and creatures to immerse you with the game-play a bit more tightly. As the same…

15. Infestation: Survivor Stories

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Infestation: Survivor Stories, developed and published by OP Productions is an Open World, Horror-Survival and Zombie video game set in a virtual world infested by Zombies. The game is built using the Eclipse gaming engine and is available to play online. Infestation: Survivor Stories lets you get entrance to the…

16. Darkout

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Darkout is another great inclusion to the Sandbox Genre and it offers wonderful Action-Adventure, Indie, Horror-Survival and RPG aesthetics. The game basically is focused on Survival and allows you to survive in a procedurally generated game world, craft different items like weapons, armors, shelter and research about new technologies to…

20. ZombiU

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ZombiU takes you to an amazing Action-Adventure, Horror Survival and Shooter gaming experience that you cannot have playing a lot of other games of the same genre. Developed specifically for Wii U platforms, this game is thrown into the markets by Ubisoft Montpellier and Ubsoft to provide you with a…

23. DayZ

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DayZ is a Multiplayer Open World Horror-Survival and First, and Third-person Shooter video game by Bohemia Interactive. The game is set in the fictitious world of Chernarus City, Russia, where an unknown plague outbreak turns almost half of the population into deadly Zombies. As one of the survivors, player scavenges…

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