Games Like Cadaver for PC

#1 Head Over Heels


Head Over Heels is an Action-Adventure, Casual, and Single-player video game developed by Retrospec. Throughout the game, the player gets control over two different characters named Head and Heel at the same time having multiple abilities. The Head is dominant in jumping and can control himself in the high air.

Both the characters are spies of the planet Freedom who has to liberate the plants of Safari, Book, and several others. The main antagonist wants to rule the plant land which will affect the atmosphere. As the heroes of the land, the player must resolve the issues of the liberation of plants and the elimination of the antagonist.


#2 Mystic Towers


Mystic Towers is an Adventure, RPG, Platform, and Single-player video game developed by Animation. The game serves as the sequel to the Baron Baldric: A Grave Adventure and offers the same gameplay where the player assumes the role of an explorer named Baron Baldric. The player will come to explore over fifty large rooms, and each room has five floors.

The game offers the player to face multiple monsters and destroy them. The game has a practice mode where the player has to follow the same storyline with an extra life and without saving progress feature. The player starts with almost nine lives, and as the health bar gets out, the player loses a life.