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7 Games Like Cacoma Knight in Bizyland

Cacoma Knight in Bizyland is the mix of Action and Puzzle elements, developed by Affect and published by Datam Polystar. There are three different characters available, and the player must select one of them to jump into the game. It takes place in the beautiful environment where the queen of the world known as Ladyland has cast a magic spell and abducted Princess Ophelia in the mirror, causing the glorious kingdom to become dismal and grey. After that, King by the name Cacoma calls the protagonist to rescue the princess and the kingdom. The game mainly revolves around Action and Puzzle genre and each level of the game is a single screen. At the beginning of the game, the image encounters by the player is a landscape such as a town or a jungle. After that, the image will fade into the corrupt version of the scene. During the gameplay, the player can use the magical chalk to draw the specific areas and can use power-ups to enhance his abilities. The game becomes tough to play as the player proceeds. Check it out, and have fun.

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1. Dancing Eyes

Dancing Eyes is an Arcade and Single-player video game developed by Namco. The game comes with exciting gameplay where the player commands the small money is walking around the grid-based place around the three-dimensional model while struggling to break tiles off the grid. There are numerous levels, and each level…

3. Clone a Doodle Doo

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Clone a Doodle Doo is an Arcade, and Single-player video game played from an isometric perspective, developed and published by Cartoon Network. The game revolves around the famous cartoon character named Dexter, who had created a farm and cloned some chickens, and away they go. Now, the ultimate task of…

4. Marvin The Martian Land Grab

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Marvin the Martian Land Grab is an Arcade and Single-player video game available to play on the Browser. The game offers exciting gameplay and introduces the Looney Tunes characters. There are a variety of levels, and each level has its unique difficulty setting. During the gameplay, the player needs to…

5. Volfied

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Volfied is an Arcade, Single-player and Two-player video game developed and published by Taito. The game serves as the successor to Qix with further features and futuristic sci-fi aesthetic, rather than geometry style. In the game, the player controls a tiny spaceship named as Monoceros while facing the brutal enemies…

6. Qix

Qix is an Arcade, Single-player and Two-player video game created and published by Taito. The game comes with the old-school graphics, and the main objective is to fence off the supermajority of the area. In the beginning, the main area is the huge, empty rectangle, comprising the Qix, a unique…

7. Qix Adventure

Qix Adventure is an Action, Puzzle, and Single-player video game created by Coconuts Japan Entertainment Co., Ltd. and published by Taito Corporation. The game serves as the handheld installment in the series of Arcade game of Taito. The treasure mode is the main mode in the game, which comes with…

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