Games Like Bitlife for Xbox 360

#1 Sheltered


Sheltered is a Pixel Graphics, Strategy, Survival and Post-apocalyptic video game developed and published by Team17 Digital Ltd. The story of the game centers on a family who takes shelter under the earth due to nuclear war. Control the family throughout a series of levels and struggle to survive as long as possible. Manage the resources, craft items and face underground creatures. As the resources of the family run out, they must come above ground to collect their require things. Use tons of items to create shelter in the post-apocalyptic world, and interact with objects to progress through the world. The player has to manage the energy and health of the family members and decorate their shelter using different items and accessories. The game rewards you with amazing rewards, as you gain experience or clear the level. Players can take part in turn-based combat and defeat numerous enemies and adopt a pet to take care. Through customization, the player can select the gender of each person in the game, customize their look and give them a name. Sheltered includes prominent features such as Exploration, RPG mechanics, Customization, Turn-based Combat, Pets, Recruitment System, Dynamic Encounter, Crafting and more. Try it out.