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BirdGut is a Free-to-play, Adventure, Side-scroll, and Single-player video game developed and published by Micah Boursier for Multiple Platforms. The game features the hand-drawn graphics and it lets you experience the puzzle-platform game that takes place inside the internal organs of a bird… read more
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6 Games Like BirdGut for PC


1. Mimpi

Mimpi mixes the Action-Adventure, Puzzle-Platform, and Side-scroll elements developed by Silicon Jelly and published by Crescent Moon Games. It is the sequel to Mimpi Dreams released in 2015. The game offers a new strange world where it takes place and puts you on a unique adventure, where you controls a dog and search for your master in eight different worlds. Each world is full of mind-bending puzzles, adventures and obstacles. Explore the world from a side-scroll perspective, resolve insane puzzles and score the points to become the master. The ultimate task is to reach the end of each level while avoiding hazards. After gaining enough experience, the game will unlock further levels with increasing difficulty. Up to eight different character skills available to unlock and you can explore eight different illustrated levels to immerse yourself in adventure experience. Mimpi offers prominent features such as 24 Comics to Discover, Eight Character Skins, Eight Levels, Unique Puzzles, Mini-games and more. With addictive gameplay, superb mechanics and touch controls, Mimpi is the best game to play and enjoy.


2. Spunk and Moxie

Spunk and Moxie is an Arcade, Puzzle-Platform and Single-player video game played from a Side-scroll perspective. The game is available for multiple platforms developed and published by Chocolate Homunculus. According to the story, the game takes place in the secret lab, and a brutal scientist worked here for several years to create a dangerous formula that would offer him evil powers. You must guide the Spunk and Moxie escape from the laboratory and struggle to fend off the evil scientist by creating the formula. The game comprises up to thirty levels and each with stunning theme including Factory, the Warehouse, and Laboratory. You explore the level from a side-scroll perspective, fight enemies to kill, and reach the end of each level while scoring as many points as possible to compete against other players on leaderboards. Different power-ups will let you fly, dash and smash on your way to fulfill your tasks. Spunk and Moxie include core features such as new Power-ups, Find Hidden Keys, charming Characters, and more. Spunk and Moxie is the wonderful game compared to others of the same genres.


3. Wimp Who Stole My Pants

Wimp Who Stole My Pants offers an Action, Puzzle-Platform, and Single-player video game for Android, and Windows. The game has an exciting gameplay where you takes on the role of the little blob named as Wimp, who sees the wonderful dreams full of exciting adventures. According to the dream of Wimp, the life has been peaceful, but with a little twist, the character’s pants have been stolen. The game takes place in the unique and amazing world where you need to chase the thief to get your pants back. There are several levels and each level comes with lots of fun, new mechanics and challenges. You must solve tricky puzzles, and explore the detailed environments to immerse yourself in puzzle experience. The game rewards you with points for complete level and you can use these points to unlock further content. The game becomes tough to play, as you advanced through the game. Wimp Who Stole My Pants offers key features such as different Worlds, lots of Challenging Levels, Touch Controls, and Platforming Actions, etc. Try it out, and you’ll love it.


4. Box Out!

Box Out is an Action, Side-scroll, Puzzle and Single-player video game developed and published by Da Picky Monkey for Windows. The game features up to six different types of gameplay, comprises more than 120 levels of increasing difficulty for those players who love challenges. It takes place in the fictional factory, where you controls a boxy, who plans out to escape its factory and struggle to survive the outside world. There are six different gameplay including Spikes, Bubble, Steel, Rocket, Fire and Vapor. The unique gameplay will increasing difficulty will puts your skills, cunning, wits and reflexes to the test. Explore each level to escape the factory as survive longer in the outside world to score the highest points. It has three different modes such as Time Attack, Classic and Survival. The primary task is to score the highest points and dominate the competitive leaderboards while playing skill and puzzle-based levels. Six Transformations, Three Modes, 10 different Worlds, 120 Levels, etc. are core features in the game.


5. Chariot

Chariot is a Single-player and Multiplayer Puzzle-Platform video game developed and published by Frima Studio for multiple platforms. The game offers the different gameplay from other traditional platform video game and takes place in the stunning environment where the player must lug around an object, known as the Chariot, to the end of each stage. To complete the objective, the player has to use the physics-based mechanics like pulling and pushing, including a layer of the puzzle to the game. The game revolves around the quest of a princess who is struggling to fulfil the final wishes of her deceased father and bury him in peace. The whole game can be played with a companion or solo. The body of the king is on a coffin and connected to it with four wheels. The player can push the chariot down and up small hills or can attach a rope to pull it long. There are numerous levels available, and each level has its unique difficulty. The player can explore the land from a side-scroll perspective and can fulfil the puzzle to become the master. With immersive mechanics, superb graphics and cool visuals, Chariot is the best game to enjoy.


6. Uurnog Uurnlimited

Uurnog Uurnlimited is an Indie and Platform video game developed by Nifflas Games and published by Raw Furry. The game takes place in the whimsical land, where you control the main character with a goal to find your way through a variety of levels while stealing all the animals. It offers the 2D platform gameplay inspired by the famous game Super Mario Bros. 2. Dyad, and more. During the game, the player explores the land from a side-scroll perspective, interact with environment and objects like mysterious doors, and solve the tricky puzzles to gather items and animals required in the save room. The player can run, jump and attack enemies his way through numerous levels while scoring the points to unlock additional stuff. Uurnog Uurnlimited includes prominent features such as 2D Puzzle, Challenging Boss Fights, Algorithm Music, Collect Animals, Play Solo, Multiple Endings, and more. Try it out, and you’ll love it.

More About BirdGut

BirdGut is a Free-to-play, Adventure, Side-scroll, and Single-player video game developed and published by Micah Boursier for Multiple Platforms. The game features the hand-drawn graphics and it lets you experience the puzzle-platform game that takes place inside the internal organs of a bird. The storyline follows a bee who hatches in a hive, but something goes wrong. Born different as compared to others, the player sees the bee is exiled from the hive and forced to bear the harsh environment and survive the land on its own. After that, a bird attacks the bee and eats it. But that’s only the start of the story. However, inside the bird, all the bugs it eats are tiring to do brainwash and put to work in factories that exist in the peace of its organs. During the gameplay, the player will experience a hand-drawn art style with a set of moving parts. BirdGut offers key features such as Reveal Hidden Secrets, 22 Achievements, Three Different Endings, Physics-based Fun, and more.