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24 Games Like Bella Sara

Bella Sara is a fun Horse Adopting and Farming Simulation. The game allows the players to adopt a beautiful Horse, Feed him with the little daisies and enjoy cleaning him. The players can also grow various types of items on the farms, feed the horse and perform other tasks. The secondary tasks in the game are to find and decorate a beautiful Farm Cottage, decorate it with all the available items and enjoy talking to other characters of the game. Bella Sara provides with fantastic 3D visuals and allows the players to roam freely in the game world, interact with the objects and enjoy exploring new things. Bella Sara lets the players select gender of the main character and customize his/her appearance with the help of all the in-game items such as clothes, shoes, and other items. The game allows the players to have any of the multiple mythical Horse species, keep him well fed and enjoy the game. With a very addictive and quite involving gameplay, Bella Sara is a fun Virtual World Simulation for all the Farming and horse lovers.

1. Alicia Online

Alicia Online is a free Horse Racing, Social Networking, and Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game that offers beautiful Anime Inspired graphics and environments. The game lets the players to have a beautiful Horse, keep the horse healthy by making him/her eat healthy food, clean him/her and build a place…

3. Stallion Race

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Stallion Race is a Brilliant Simulation that combines Horse Racing, Life-Simulation, Strategy, and Social networking elements and offers a remarkable gameplay experience. The game offers a chance to enjoy the most auspicious Horse Racing event in the game and experience the best combination of Speed and Wealth at the same…

5. My Stable

My Stable is a brilliant Simulation that lets you learn about the Horses in real time. Instead of being an animal, the game allows you to be a human who has a stable filled with different kinds of horses. Your task in the game is to train the horses, breed…

8. Lucent Heart

Lucent Heart is another great Fantasy-based, 3D MMORPG video game that offers Anime Themed aesthetics. This wonderful MMORPG introduces a unique match-making system that encourages you to make relations with fellow online players, find your special one or simply be part of the team and explore the game world together,…

9. Mabinogi

Mabinogi is an amazing Action-Adventure and Fantasy-based MMORPG video game by devCAT. The game is set in the World of Erin, offers 3 character races (Humans, Elves, Giants), Hand Drawn visuals, and an amazingly immersive game-play in which it tasks you to explore, go on epic quests, take part in…

10. IMVU

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IMVU is a Browser-based Free-to-Play MMORPG and Social Interaction Virtual World Simulation with almost 10 million registered users online. With over 3 million online users, IMVU is one of the biggest names in the line of Virtual World gaming platforms. The game allows the players to create and customize their…

16. Moshi Monsters

About how much Online Platforms for Children do you know about? I guess quite some, and one of them would definitely be Moshi Monsters. With over 80 Million registered online players, Moshi Monsters is one of the best online MMORPGs for children aged 6 to 10 developed by Mind Candy.…

18. Webosaurs

Webosaurs, developed and published by Real FX Entertainment is a browser-based MMORPG  for online game enthusiasts. The game lets you get into the game world by creating an online avatar of a Dinosaur and engage yourself in different online activities such as playing games, online chats and making friends etc.…

19. Toontown Online

Toontown Online is a browser based  Online MMORPG video game by Disney Interactive and Schell Games. The game focuses on an ongoing conflict between a population of animals known as The Toons and Robots named as Cogs. Instead of making the town a fun place, the Cogs invaded it multiple…

21. Petra’s Planet

Petra’s Planet is an Educational, Socialization and Exploration virtual world Simulation for all the hardcore fans out there around the globe. The game allows the players to have a good time by exploring the worlds, socializing with the people and making new friends. Petra’s Planet offers a totally safe environment…

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