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Baseball Mogul 2017

Baseball Mogul 2017 is a Sports, Management and Single-player Simulation developed and published by Sports Mogul, Inc. The game puts you in charge of General Manager, and your main objective is to create a lineup of players to take your team to the World Series… read more
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16 Games Like Baseball Mogul 2017


1. Football Manager Mobile 2017

Football Manager Mobile 2017 is a Sports, Management and Football Simulation developed and published by Sega. The game lets you an opportunity to become the manager of a football club, establish your team, and lead it in tournaments to win matches and amazing rewards. There are more than fifteen countries around the globe available including European League and you have to select one of them to represent your country, decide your characters, make your tactics about who plays in the stadium, and who sits on the bunch. Poland and Turkey are two new leagues introduces in the game as playable with user interface improvements. Unleash your management skills, create a powerful team, and take part in matches against other teams. You can takes your team in the training mode to teach some unique moves and tactics. Football Manager Mobile 2017 includes core features such as Additional Transfer Options, Enhance Scouting, Tighter Squad Control, and more. Try it out.


2. Golden Manager

Golden Manager developed and published by Kerad Games is a Sports, Action, Management, Single and Multiplayer video game available to play on Android, iOS, and Facebook. The game introduces real-world soccer players around the globe from massive leagues and lets you a chance to create your club and compete against other players. Start with a small team, become the best team manager and don’t stop your struggle until you have the best team. Place the largest bids on those players you think can take your team to the height of the sky. Create your team by selecting the best players of FIFA and score the best goals. Manage your team and play at least one match every day, enhance your team abilities to achieve the victory. There are different tournaments in Golden Manager such as Challenge League, Champions League, Kerad Tourney, and more. Work hard to qualify your team for final and compete against the heavy team and defeat them to win the glory and trophy. With superb mechanics, addictive gameplay and brilliant mechanics, Golden Manager is the best game to play and enjoy.


3. Soccer Manager 2016

Soccer Manager 2016 is an addictive, Strategy, Soccer, and Single-player Football Management Simulation created and published by Soccer Manager Ltd. The game lets you assume the role of manager and you can create your own football club, select the best players around the world to rank-up your team. Select your logo, uniform, and the name of the characters to take part in tournament to show off your management skills. Rank-up your team by defeat other teams around the world and win exciting prizes and trophies. The game takes place in the 3D realistic environment and new competitions and leagues. Monitor your team during the live match and earn points to enhance the abilities of your team. As you advanced, the game becomes tough and you have to compete against massive teams having superb skills and management. Update your players and travel different locations to compete against different teams of football. With enhanced mechanics, addictive gameplay, and superb visuals, Soccer Manager 2016 is the best game to play and enjoy.


4. Football Manager

Football Manager is a series of Sports, and Football Management Simulations developed by Sports Interactive and published by Sega. Football Manager 2005 is the first game in the series and released in 2004. The series about selecting your team, customizing their uniforms and leading them in tournaments to win trophy. It features lots of popular teams and clubs around the globe and puts you in the role of the manager. Your primary objective is to select the best players across the world to create the unbeatable team, customize uniforms with club logo and change the appearance of your character using customization options. You are the boss and can decide on tactics, transfers, who sit on the bench and who plays. The game introduces two new leagues such as Turkey and Poland. There are various titles in the series such as Football Manager 2005, Football Manager 2006, Football Manager 2007, and more. Football Manager offers exciting features such as different Teams and Clubs around the world, Multiple Language Supports, Backroom Stuff, Instant Result, and more. Football Manager is the best game for those who love playing sports games.


5. Foosball World Tour

Foosball World Tour is a Sports, Soccer, Co-op Single and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Grip Games. The game offers an exciting gameplay that you have never played before and introduces a variety of countries to select and play. There are nine different tables available with six different balls and plenty of customization options. Select your team to start the match against AI controlled team or another player in Multiplayer mode. Up to four players can compete against each other in Local and Online matches. Play against friends for high score and defeat them to level-up on leaderboards. As you advanced, other tables and balls will be unlocked. Control your team and try to the goal of against team to win the match within time. Foosball World Tour includes core features such as Mouse controls, Local and Online Matches, Nine Tables, Six Balls, Customization and more. Try it out, and you’ll enjoy it.


6. Soccer Manager

Soccer Manager brings two new Football Management video games in one pack to test your skills such as Soccer Manager Worlds and Soccer Manager 2016. The game is Free-to-play, Sports, Football, Single and Multiplayer video game released by Soccer Manager Ltd. It takes place in the different locations around the world and offers fast-paced and action-packed gameplay. There are up to 750 clubs and up to 48 leagues available to select and play. You can assume the role of the manager and your primary objective is to run your club and create your team with famous players. The game centers on MMO elements, so you can interact with other players to sell and purchase their characters to enhance your club. Get into the playground with your team, compete with rival teams and struggle to defeat them to qualify for the final match. Win the trophy and get fabulous prizes to become the world’s best manager. Soccer Manager offers addictive features such as Cloud-based Gameplay, 48 Top Leagues, 750 Clubs, Trading of Players, etc. Try it out, and you’ll enjoy it.


7. Football Manager 2017

Football Manager 2017 is an Action, Strategy, and Single-player Football Management Simulation developed by Sports Interactive and published by Sega. It is the marvelous title in the series of Football Manager Game and offers new features and additional teams. There are several international teams present, and the player can choose one of them to immerse himself in the most realistic and engaging football gameplay experience. Up to twenty-five hundred clubs available to manage and more than 500,000 players and staff presents to sign. The player can assume the role of the manager and his primary objective is to lead a team, customize uniform, and choose accessories. Take part in tournaments, support his team from the stadium, and qualify for final by defeating different teams. The player needs to rank up his team on the leaderboard and compete in multiple matches against other players and win rewards. Football Manager 2017 offers prominent features such as several Teams, detailed Environment, Management Gameplay, and more.


8. Lethal League

Lethal League takes you to a totally new and one of its kind Action and Fighting experience that offers unique brawling elements. It allows you to pick up some sports equipment (baseball bats, Footballs etc.) and go smashing the balls into your opponent’s faces. With a totally unique game-play, Lethal League lets you engage in a competitive environment where you have to survive in order to win the game. The core game-play forces you to hit a Gravity-Ball as hard as you can, smash it into your rival’s face, if it comes back, hit it again. With every hit, the ball speeds up and if it strikes your target, you get more score. Lethal League offer both single and multiplayer modes and allows you to play with your friends or foes in multiplayer mode or play single-player against the AIs and enjoy. With casual street-style characters, single and multiplayer support, fantastic game-play and great visuals, Lethal League is a brilliant Action and Fighting game to play.


9. Rocketball: Championship Cup

Rocketball: Championship Cup is a Racing, Sports, Massively Multiplayer Online, and Soccer game for Android developed by Randomldea. The game combines the concept of soccer and vehicular combat and offers an exciting gameplay, in which the players can battle against each other for soccer goals. It provides with action-packed and fast-paced gameplay and brings the world best drivers to select. To get into the game, the player has to select his vehicle and driver. The game takes place in the fantasy world populated with thousands of players around the globe. Team-up with other players and dominate the championship cup. The ultimate task is to launch balls into the goal by using the player abilities such as jumping, skidding and rocket boosting. There are dozens of levels to accomplish and enjoy. The player can unlock other vehicles, modes, and features using his experience points and rewards. Dynamic Physics, Multiplayer Supports, Team-up, Championship Cup, Rocket Powered, Stunning Graphics, Practice mode, etc. are the key features of the game. Try it out, and you’ll love it.


10. Robot Roller: Derby Disco Dodgeball

Robot Roller: Derby Disco Dodgeball is an addictive, Sports, First-person Shooter, Physics-based, Single and Multiplayer video game developed by Erik Asmussen and published by 82Apps. The game offers action-packed and fast-paced gameplay and combines the elements of music, team-based and racing. It takes place in the world of dance club populated with different obstacles, foes, and more. There are different modes such as online, offline, capture the flag, hoops, classic elimination and more. In the game, you can assume the role of the robot with one wheel and can explore the game world from the first-person view. The gameplay is very exciting, in which, you can throw the ball at other players or your opponents to knock them out or eliminate and earn experience points. You’ll be eliminated if your opponent catches the ball. Explore the game world, collect power-ups, and earn experience points by progressing through the game. Robot Roller: Derby Disco Dodgeball offers key features such as Twenty-one Multiplayer Modes, Customization, Offline Single-player Campaign, Split Screen Option, Power-ups and more. Try it out, and it’ll surely entertain you.


11. Madden NFL Football

Madden NFL Football is a Single and Multiplayer Sports video game based on Football elements developed and published by EA Sports for Nintendo 3DS. The game brings realistic players and your favorite teams in your life like never before and takes place in the three-dimension world. It has three different modes such as Classic, Arcade, and GameFlow. There are two different gameplay types such as Five on Five and Eleven on Eleven. The game offers you an opportunity to jump into the game world to participate in traditional 11 on 11 player team battle to show off your sports abilities. Before getting into the world, your need to select your character, customize your team and choose your playground and pick up your opponent. There is a limited amount of time to complete the match. Your task is to defeat your opponent team before time runs out to win fantastic rewards. As the game proceed, it becomes challenging. With prominent features, addictive gameplay, and excellent mechanics, Madden NFL Football is the best sports game to play and enjoy.


12. Madden NFL 17

Madden NFL 17 is an Action, American Football, Sports, Single and Multiplayer video game based on the NFL (National Football League) developed by EA Tiburon. The game serves as the 28th title in the series of Madden NFL game and features Rob Gronkowski on the cover. It takes place in the three-dimensional environment and offers several licensed international teams. There are different stadiums available and the player needs to choose his favorite team to represent his nation and compete against another team to win the trophy. Through customization features, the player is able to change the appearance of his team according to his style by changing uniform, name, accessories and more. After completing the career mode, the player can participate in a tournament where he has to pits against several teams to win the trophy. In the game, the player must score the highest points against another team and complete the match within time. With improved graphics, impressive gameplay, and smooth controls, Madden NFL 17 is the best game for those, who love playing Sports game.


13. NCAA Football 11

NCAA Football 11 is an Action, Sports, Single and Online Multiplayer Football Simulation developed by EA Tiburon and published by EA Sports. It is the sequel to NCAA Football 10 and the marvelous installment in the series of NCAA Football. The game takes place in the realistic stadiums around the world and introduces various international teams. Before getting into the world, you need to select your team to represent the nation and customize its characters by selecting different accessories, uniforms and more. It includes improved equipment such as hand warmers, knee braces, sleeves, helmets and more. New blocking and real assignment AI systems is introduced. The primary objective is to unleash your sports skills and struggle to score the highest points by leading your team. In Single-player mode, you can play against AI-controlled team while in Multiplayer mode, you can compete against your friends and eliminate them from tournament to win the trophy. NCAA Football 11 includes core features such as Improved Lighting, New Teams, Auto-loading Rosters, Auto-Saves, and more. Try it out.


14. Football Manager 2015

Football Manager 2015 developed by Sports Interactive and published by Sega is a Sports, Management and Business Simulation for cross-platform. The game revolves around Football Management and has Single-player mode only. There are a variety of new features including national and international teams, players, and clubs. Before starting the game, the player has to select his club or create a new one to get into the world where he has to manage his team by selecting or rejecting players. Through customization option, the player can change the appearance of his team using tons of options. It offers multiple stadiums around the globe, and the player as the manager must struggle to raise the rank up of his team while defeating other teams to climb on the leaderboard. The game introduces multiple shots, enhanced ball physics, passes, and long ball, etc. The player needs to plan tactics and lead his team in the playfield to beat another team while scoring the highest points. With enhanced mechanics, superb gameplay, and lots of core features, Football Manager 2015 is the best game to play.


15. Worldwide Soccer Manager 2005

Worldwide Soccer Manager 2005 is a Sports, Management and Business Simulation developed by Sports Interactive Ltd. and published by Sega Europe Ltd. The game mainly focuses on Management element, and features a variety of teams, players, and clubs from around the globe. The player assumes the protagonist’s role, a manager and his primary objective is to establish a team, select and reject the player, train them to enhance their abilities and participate in multiple matches to show off his skills by winning rewards or trophies. The player explores the game from a top-down perspective and control his team to victory. There are more than five-thousand teams available from fifty countries each with unique statistics, and attributes. It introduces new elements such as a Media Section, a Revised Interface and the Physio Room offers the accurate injury data. Main objective of the player is to score the highest points as compared to his rival opponent and complete the match within time limit to win. As the game progresses, it becomes tough to master. Worldwide Soccer Manager 2005 offers addictive gameplay, brilliant mechanics and superb visuals.


16. Worldwide Soccer Manager 2008

Worldwide Soccer Manager 2008 is a Single-player and Multiplayer Football Management Simulation created by Sports Interactive and published by Sega. The game introduces up to five-thousand playable teams from fifty different nations. You act as the manager of the soccer team, and your primary goal is to establish your football club, create a team by selecting interactional players and customize those using different accessories like a uniform, and more. Each team has its unique abilities and characteristics, and the player must use their special abilities to dominate the playground. The game is explored from a top-down perspective and the player must deal with his team and score the highest points compared to the opponent team. The game features Advisor System, International System, Bonuses, and more. Worldwide Soccer Manager 2008 brings an exciting gameplay based on Sports genre and lets the player show off his football abilities by scoring the highest points against multiple teams.

More About Baseball Mogul 2017

Baseball Mogul 2017 is a Sports, Management and Single-player Simulation developed and published by Sports Mogul, Inc. The game puts you in charge of General Manager, and your main objective is to create a lineup of players to take your team to the World Series. During the gameplay, you can make trades using your players and sign other players to take your team to contracts as you attempt to create your team. While signing the contract, you’ll have to compete with other GMs and negotiate with agents of other players. As General Manager, you have to deal and manage all the finances for your club, ensuring that the team doesn’t go bankrupt. The game features all licensed teams, clubs, players, and managers. So take on the manager role, deal with your players, improve their skills in training sessions, take them to the stadium and let them compete against another team players to show off their abilities that they have learned during the training from you. Baseball Mogul 2017 includes exciting features such as Text-based Gameplay, Choices-matter Gameplay, Strategy Elements, and more.