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14 Games Like Bad Rats Show

Bad Rats Show is a Puzzle, Adventure, and Single-player Simulation developed by Invent4 Entertainmento and published by Strategy First. The game mainly focuses on Puzzle genre and offers the stunning gameplay where the rats exact their revenge against their foes like the Cats. During the gameplay, the player has to solve challenging puzzles in 3D and 2D maps using the objects, physics, and trained rats. There are all new rats and cats available, but with the same questionable and classic Bad Rat humour. Using the map editor, the player can create his own custom level and can share with friends. There are several solutions to complete each level, and during the gameplay, the player can unleash his creativity to impress his friends. The game uses the realistic bad rats’ physics simulation and comes with 11 specialist rats, ready to take revenge from the cat. Bad Rats Show includes prominent features such as Challenge your Creativity, Unlimited Map, 44 Maps, 10 different Bloody Deaths for Cats, and more.

1. Comedy Night

Steam Win Mac Amazon
Comedy Night is a Multiplayer Simulation created and published by Lighthouse Games Studios for Multiple Platforms. The game revolves around the live comedy show contest where the player assumes the role of the comedian with an aim to partake in the live show to face off other contestants. The game…

3. Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove

3DS Amazon
Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove mixes the elements of Arcade, Dance, and Rhythm developed and published by Natsume for Nintendo 3DS. The game features Single-player mode only and follows the protagonist named Gabrielle, who is suffering from a bad day. It takes place in the exciting environment called Monsterville, and the player…

4. Rockin’ Pretty

DS Amazon
Rockin’ Pretty is Music, Rhythm, Dance and Single-player Simulation developed by Arc System Works and published by 505 Games. The game introduces four different instruments such as Guitar, Drums, Keyboard and Bass, from which you can select one of them to start the level. There are different characters, and each…

5. Imagine Ballet Star

DS Amazon
Imagine Ballet Star is a Rhythm, Dance and Music Simulation developed and published by Ubisoft for Nintendo DS. The game has both Single-player and Multiplayer modes and takes place in the fantasy-based world of fashion, music, twirls, and fun competition. There are exciting female characters present, and you can select…

6. Princess on Ice

DS Amazon
Princess on Ice is Music, Sports, and Dance Simulation created and published by Aksys Games for Nintendo DS. The game has both Single and Multiplayer modes and allows you pirouette, spin and jump your way to fame. There are lots of characters, and you can select one of them to…

8. Ontamarama

DS Amazon
Ontamarama is a Music, Rhythm and Single-player Simulation developed by Noise Factory and published by Atlus. The game follows the colorful spirits known as Ontama, who lives on an exotic Island and is able to create relaxing music. The player assumes the role of the protagonist and his ultimate task…

9. Cosmetic Paradise

DS Amazon
Cosmetic Paradise is a Fashion, Makeover and Single-player Simulation developed and published by GAE for Nintendo DS. The game offers an exciting gameplay especially for girls who are crazy for fashion and makeover. There are lots of brilliant female characters available, and the player needs to select one of them…

10. Kira Kira Pop Princess

DS Amazon
Kira Kira Pop Princess offers an Action, Rhythm, Music and Single-player Simulation developed by Dimple Entertainment and published by SEGA Corporation for Nintendo DS. It takes place in the fantasy setting and puts you in the experience of rhythm gameplay where you controls a young girl by tapping the stylus…

11. Princess Debut

DS Amazon
Princess Debut mixes the Otome, Music and Rhythm elements and supports Single-player mode developed by Cave and published by Natsume. The game casts the player in the role of the female character and puts her into a romantic dance adventure. It focuses on visual novel gameplay and lets the player…

12. Deemo

Android iOS Amazon
Deemo is a Music, Rhythm, and Single-player video game published and created by Rayark Games for mobile devices such as Android and iOS. The storyline of the game revolves around a young girl named as Alice, who falls from an open trapdoor in the sky, and a strange mysterious character…

13. Cytus

Android iOS Amazon
Cytus is a Music, Rhythm and Single-player Simulation developed and published by Rayark Games for Android and iOS. The game introduces a storyline that consists of ten chapters and focuses on the protagonist named as Vanessa, who lives in the 22nd century where humans are killed by a mutant virus…

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