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60 Games Like Baby Pals

Baby Pals is an Action and Single-player Life Simulation by Brain Toys and Interchannel. Unlike other games, it offers unique gameplay that you may have never experienced before. Like Virtual Pet games, your primary objective is to take care of a digital baby through completing certain tasks, including bathing, feeding, and teachings like a real father or mother. At the start, the player can choose the gender of the baby to jump into the game. While playing the game, you will enjoy the naughty and cute movements of the baby who will sometime cry and smile, depending on you how you treat it. The game lets you a chance to become a father and watch how it grow. You can do pretty jobs to make your baby smile and always keep it feed. Baby Pals includes prominent features such as Challenging Tasks, Take care a Baby, Make him Happy, and more. Check it out, and you will love it.

8. Neko Atsume

Android iOS Amazon
Neko Atsume is an Immersive, Virtual Pet and Single-player video game available to play on Mobile Platforms. The game offers a massive variety of cats and focuses on purchasing toys, foods, and furniture. Your main goal is to decorate your garden to attract a variety of cats. Collect cats of…

10. Loy

Android iOS Amazon
Loy is an attractive, Virtual Pet and Single-player video game designed for kids. The game lets you adopt a virtual pet named Loy who is an alien and need your attention and love. Your task is to take care of it by feeding, bathing, playing, loving, dressing and curing. The…

12. Moy 4

Android iOS Amazon
Moy 4 is an exciting game for kids developed by Frojo Apps. The game combines the elements of Virtual Pet, Fantasy, and Single-player. The game enables you to adopt a little cute pet called Moy and immerse yourself in endless gameplay experience. Take care of your virtual pet, he needs…

13. Bubbu

Android iOS Amazon
Bubbu is an exciting, Casual, Virtual Pet, and Single-player video game created by Bubadu. The game lets you adopt a cute pet named Bubbu who is a little cat and loves to take selfies, eat delicious foods, dance and visit friends. It will react as a real pet and repeat…

27. My Mammott

iOS Amazon
My Mammott is a Digital Pet, and Single-player video game by Big Blue Bubble for iOS. The game includes monsters and lets you adopt one of them with the task to take care of it by bathing, talking, caring and more. Play with your virtual pet, and your cute monster…

29. Cat Show

Win Amazon
Cat Show is an Action, Puzzle, Digital Pet and Single-player 2D video game available to play on Windows platform. The game offers an exciting gameplay and lets you adopt a cat and take care of it by feeding, caring and bathing. Train your cat and teach him some special tricks…

34. Pet City

iOS Amazon
Pet City developed by Nanobitsoftware is an addictive, Fantasy-based, Virtual Pet, Single, and Multiplayer Simulation available to play on iOS platform. The game takes place in the fantastic world filled with different cute pets. You can jump into the world by select your pet from different animals, customize him using…

37. My First Dog

iOS Amazon
My First Dog is an exciting, Virtual Pet and Single-player Simulation developed and published by Playbean for iOS platform only. The game offers an interesting gameplay and introduces a variety of dogs. You can adopt one of them as your pet and can take care of it. There are multiple…

40. Pet Society Vacation

iOS Amazon
Pet Society Vacation is a Fantasy-based, Digital Pet and Single-player Simulation with Multiplayer interaction developed by Electronic Arts for Browser and iOS. There are a huge variety of pets or the player can design his pet by selecting name, gender, color, and its appearance. The primary objective of the player…

41. Cat Safari

Android iOS Amazon
Cat Safari is an Adventure, Virtual Pet and Single-player video game developed and published by Upjers GmbH. The game puts you in the unique experience of the beautiful world, where there is no shortage of cats. Fuzzy, small, and big cats are available in the fantasy world. You assume the…

46. Joy Pony

Win Amazon
Joy Pony is an Indie, Virtual Pet, and Single-player Simulation developed and published by Dio Alias Games for multiple platforms. The game offers exciting gameplay and takes you into a beautiful world of pony where you are able to raise your favourite pony to adulthood. During the gameplay, you can…

49. Imagine Babyz

DS 3DS Amazon
Imagine Babyz (also known as Imagine Babies) is a Single-player Simulation developed and published by Ubisoft for Nintendo. The game provides the player with a chance to traverse around the globe as the famous babysitter caring for lots of babies and assisting them grow, struggling to keep both the babies…

50. Dumb Ways to Die

Android iOS Amazon
Dumb Ways to Die offers an addictive gameplay that you have never experienced before developed and published by Metro Trains for Android and iOS. The game features the exciting Dumb Ways characters and lets you create your own using customization feature. There are more than fifty-two hilarious mini-games available as…
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