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26 Games Like Avorion

Avorion is a Sci-fi, Building, Sandbox, Single-player and Multiplayer Space video game developed and published by Boxelware for Multiple Platforms. The game takes place in the massive space environment contains many star systems, planets, and galaxies to explore. Many years ago, a cataclysmic almost ripped the player galaxy apart, an insurmountable ring of the hyperspace fabric occurred in the midst of the galaxy. However, since this event there is no one who has successfully managed to get near the regions of the galaxy. In the game world, there are rumors about a new metal known as Avorion, occurred in the midst of the galaxy. The player starts the game with nothing at his disposal at the edge of galaxy and work his way to the center of the galaxy that become more dangerous. The game introduces the sandbox aspects from the games, including Freelancer in which the player experience the co-op multiplayer gameplay and create his own ships. Avorion offers prominent features such as Epic Battle, Equip the Ship with Weapons, Explore the Beautiful environment, Build your Fleet, Co-op Multiplayer, and more.

14. Distant Star: Revenant Fleet

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Distant Star: Revenant Fleet is a Roguelike Real Time Strategy and Sci-Fi video game set in the distant space settlement. The game puts you into the character of a Space Fleet commander who struggles to lead a whole fleet of Ships to safety. The enemies, on the other hand are…

17. Sword of the Stars 2: Enhanced Edition

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Sword of the Stars 2: Enhanced Edition comes with amazing upgrades and offers a wonderfully enhanced characteristics. This brilliant RTS and Tactics packed game allows you have more quantity of DLC (New characters, Skins, Combats, Badges etc.) and lets you have your own fleet of futuristic starships, explore the vastness…

18. Haegemonia Gold Edition

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Haegemonia Gold Edition is a great RTS and Tactical Strategy video game. The game offers both Haegemonia: Legion of Iron and Haegemonia: The Solon heritage and allows you to explore deep space territories, command over a huge fleet of ships, engage into amazing battles in between the people of Colonized…

21. FTL: Faster than Light

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FTL: Faster than Light, developed by Subset games is a Rouguelike Real-time Strategy (RTS) and Shooting Simulation by Subset Games. The game provides with Permadeath Mechanics and allows you to engage yourself in an amazing space themed environment. According to the story, you control a crew and an FTL (Faster…

22. No Man’s Sky

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No Man’s Sky is a brand new Sci-Fi Action, Survival and Adventure video game by Hello Games. The game is based on essential elements such as Exploration, Trade, Combat, and Survival and it offers a Procedurally Generated game world. With a deterministic Open Universe, No Man’s Sky includes over 18…

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