Autonauts Alternatives for Mac OS



Autonauts is a Casual, Simulation, Crafting, and Single-player video game developed by Denki for Windows. Throughout the game, the player takes on the role of an explorer who set off to the adventures of different lands, and the main goal is to develop a beautiful world… read more
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4 Games Like Autonauts for Mac OS


1. Little Big Workshop

Little Big Workshop is a Simulation, Strategy, Management, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game for Windows developed by Mirage Game Studio. Throughout the game, the player owns a factory where various goods manufacture from the raw materials. The player has to invest his cash for more profit and look after the factory keenly.

The player will come to manage many tasks such as command the workers, purchase machinery and generate production lines to please the clients. The main thing is the satisfaction of clients, and if the player can’t satisfy the requirements, it is the end of the game.


2. When Ski Lifts Go Wrong

When Ski Lifts Go Wrong offers a mix of Sandbox, Puzzle, Construction, and Management game elements developed by Hugecalf Studios and published by Curve Digital. The game has only Single-player mode, and it is available to play on Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows. The player starts the game in the rolling hills and journeys up to the jagged to exposed peaks. During the gameplay, the player needs to create several facilities and must deal with rope tension, control of his riders around the terrains. While playing the game, the player can create several infrastructures including gondolas, chairlifts, bridges, jumps, and ramps. He can also create increasingly impressive structures as the player advance through the different campaign using the available materials. During the gameplay, cutting corners will save cash, but it may compromise passenger with hilarious consequences. When Ski Lifts Go Wrong includes challenging gameplay such as Physics-based Puzzles, Extreme Sports, Top of the Ropes, Sandbox Builder Mode, Social Sharing, and more. Try it out, and you’ll like it.


3. Bomber Crew

Bomber Crew mixes the Management, World War II, Survival, Action and Flight Simulation elements developed by Runner Duck and published by Curve Digital. The game takes place in the thrilling world and enables you to prepare your team for most dangerous missions where you will face the enemies. In the beginning, you have to train and customize your Bomber Crew using a variety of accessories and items. Skills, back stories, and procedurally generated names offer the unique experience for the player, be careful, the game features the permanent death system. During the flight, you have to manage fuel, hydraulics, ammo, and more to survive in the brutal environment. It brings fast-paced strategy gameplay with high-risk expedition where dangers can come from everywhere. In the game, bad weather, enemy fighter, low oxygen, and flak guns await when the wheels of your fighter are up. Bomber Crew includes prominent features such as Get Ready for War, lots of Missions, Fast-paced Strategy, Flight Simulation, Choose your Crew, and more. Try it out, and you’ll love it.


4. The Flame in the Flood

The Flame in the Flood brings an entertaining gameplay for those players who love playing Survival games with Rough-like elements. The game has Single-player mode only, available to play on multiple platforms and developed and published by The Molasses Flood. The player can step into the shoes of the protagonist, a young girl named as Scout. There is a companion of the protagonist, who is a dog and able to sense danger and can fetch supplies. The female character uses a raft to travel through a vast river, due to apocalyptic flood, the fictional land turned into multiple Islands. The player must control the character, and fulfill her needs to hunger, thirst, energy, warmth, etc. to prevent death. The game features permanent death like other Rough-like games, although the player can begin the game from the beginning point after death. Crafting system enables the player to create unique and useful items. There are several quests available, and the player can earn points by fulfilling the requirements of each stage. Prominent features are present with detailed graphics, addictive gameplay, and excellent mechanics.


More About Autonauts

Autonauts is a Casual, Simulation, Crafting, and Single-player video game developed by Denki for Windows. Throughout the game, the player takes on the role of an explorer who set off to the adventures of different lands, and the main goal is to develop a beautiful world. It all depends on the crafting and creative minds of the player to settle the world with various automation.

The player serves as a commander where robots work under his guideline, and he must teach them the essential steps to complete the task. The game is easy and simple, but managing all the assignments is a big challenge. The player must manage cooking, designing, crafting, building, tailoring, constructing, and much more.

While working, the player can see his progress from an isometric view. The game has multiple ends where every end depends on the plan and structure of the player. The core features are Management, Isometric View, Creativity, and Addictive Gameplay.