Games Like Auditorium for Android

#1 Herobots: Build to Battle


Herobots: Build to Battle is an Action, Top-down Shooting, Single-player and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Rules Games for Mobile Devices. The game introduces a unique assembly system and comes with tons of different shapes, material parts, and playable characters. Sun Wukong, Spartan, Pharaoh, Ninja. Etc. are prominent characters to choose and play. Customization mode will let the player design his character and change its color and other accessories regarding his style. During the gameplay, the player can attack, dodge, and release fire at enemies to kill them, while exploring the world from a top-down perspective. The game features a guild war system allowing the player to team up with other players, plan their strategy, and attempt to take down the rival team to become the master. The difficulty level increases as the player advance through the game, and further content will be unlocked to enjoy. Herobots: Build to Battle includes incredible features such as Unique Action Gameplay, Unique Assembly System, Challenge the Global Players, Guild War, and more.