18 Games Like Atomas

Atomas is a Puzzle and Science-themed video game for Android and iOS developed by Sirnic. The game’s main objective is to earn the highest points by mixing several elements. The game starts with six atoms such as Lithium, Helium, Hydrogen, etc. in a circular board unless the player has a power to equipped which makes the start of the game at silicon, aluminium, and magnesium. At the centre of the board, there is an atom which moves in the direction where the player tapped. Sometimes in the game, there are a minus or plus orb available in the board’s centre instead of an atom. The plus orb enables the player to mix two like atoms into an element with the massive atomic number and try to form the chain reaction after having the same atoms on either side of where the player use or place the plus orb. The game has several modes such as Time Attack, Geneva, and Zen modes. The player needs to create a large element within the time limit, in the Time Attack mode. Atomas puts the player in the unique gameplay experience that the player really enjoy.

5. Elements

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Elements is an immersive Puzzle game with stunning graphics by Magma Mobile. The game offers challenging gameplay for those players who love playing Brain teaser games. In the game, the goal is easy, the player must adjust different elements to their matching elements to score the points. Choose the elements…

16. SoD: Alchemy Adventure

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SoD: Alchemy Adventure mixes the Puzzle and Education elements developed and published by Knowledge Adventure, Inc. for Android and iOS. The game introduces brilliant gameplay that you have never experienced before. It takes you on an education ride where you will learn about different elements and compounds while playing the…

17. Toca Lab: Elements

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Toca Lab: Elements is an Education, Puzzle and Single-player video game, created and published by Toca Boca for Android and iOS. The game enables the player to explore the electrifying and colorful world of science and encounter all 118 elements from the periodic table. During the gameplay, the player will…

18. Grow Island

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Grow Island is a Puzzle, Point-and-Click, and Single-player video game available to play on the Browser. The game offers clicker gameplay, in which you need to click the available panels in the proper order and then make the items grow with each turn to advance through the game. It offers…

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