17 Games Like Atom Zombie Smasher

Atom Zombie Smasher developed and published by Blendo Games is a Real-time Strategy Single and Multiplayer video game. The game casts the player in the role of the commander and takes place in the fictional land invaded by hordes of zombies. The story centers on the protagonist as he efforts to save as many cities as possible from hordes of zombies commanding helicopter rescue units and an alliance of military units to defend the cities and slaughter lots of zombies. Build the units, recruit the army to protect the city and defend the cities and equip them with deadly weapons. Control air, sea and land forces simultaneously and show off his commanding skills by defeating hordes of zombies. The game contains a variety of levels and each level offers destructible environments. The player can play alone in Single-player mode or can play with up to three friends in multiplayer mode. Atom Zombie Smasher offers prominent features such as the group of Snipers, Demolition Teams, Destructible Environment, Play with Friends and more. Try it out, and it’ll entertain you.

1. Bio Inc.

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Bio Inc. is a Strategy, and Single-player Simulation developed and published by DryGin Studios. It is available to play on Mobile Platforms such as Android and iOS. If you would like to create your infection, then this right game for you. To take down your victim, you must learn about…

3. Trojan Inc

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Trojan Inc. is an engaging, Strategy, and Single-player Simulation developed by WalkBoy Studios. The game is available to play on Android platform only. In the game, your main goal is to infect the globe with your created plague. Dive into the game world where you must create your Trojan and…

6. Nuclear Inc.

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Nuclear Inc. is a Strategy and Single-player Simulation and available to play on Android platform only. The game lets the player control the nuclear reactor and don’t miss dosimeter. The player will face different challenges such as Radiation, Reactor, Chernobyl and more. It lets you a chance to become a…

10. Global Outbreak

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Global Outbreak is an Arcade, Top-Down, Action, Strategy, and Single-player Shooting video game developed and published by Red Robots Labs. The game takes place in the fictional world infected by a strange virus which transformed humans into zombie-like creatures. It invites you to control a hero and jump into the…

14. Infectonator

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Infectonator is an Action, Isometric-perspective and Single-player video game developed and published by Armor Games for Android and iOS. It offers a thrilling gameplay, in which you control zombies and struggle to infect other people. There are several levels, and each level offers the similar gameplay with increasing difficulty. It…

17. Global Outbreak: Doomsday Edition

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Global Outbreak: Doomsday Edition is an Action mixed Strategy, and Single-player video game created and published by ShorRound Games for Microsoft Windows. The game takes place in the stunning environment where the player takes control of Blackhorne industries, an international military contractor. According to the storyline, the world is hit…

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