22 Games Like Art of Conquest: Sylvani Spring

Art of Conquest: Sylvani Spring offers a Role-playing and Single-player video game created by Lilith Games for iOS and Android. The game provides addictive gameplay, in which you can recruit heroes, build your fortress in real-time and partake in battles against mighty bosses to restore the peace. It takes place in the detailed world invaded by enemies, and you’re the last hope of the world who can save it from being destroyed. So, the game offers simple rules and gameplay, in which you start your goal by creating a kingdom, recruiting armies to slay evil dragons, and struggling to besiege enemy strongholds in order to expand the empire. You are also able to challenge other players across the world to epic real-time fights. During the gameplay, you can navigate the mysterious places and can summon plenty of mythical heroes with unique abilities. Art of Conquest: Sylvani Spring includes prominent features such as Raid Dragons, Explore Locations, control Warriors, Challenge Friends, and more. Art of Conquest: Sylvani Spring is the wonderful game to play.

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2. Jungle Heat

Android iOS Amazon
 Jungle Heat is a free MMO-RTS (Massively Multiplayer Online – Real Time Strategy) video game developed and published by My.com BV. The game is available to play on Android and iOS gaming platforms. With a military theme and a guerilla warfare and jungle environment, Jungle heat allows you to explore…

5. Boom Beach

Android iOS Amazon
Boom Beach, is another Freemium Mobile Strategy game developed and distributed by SuperCell. This epic battle fantasy is available on Android and iOS platforms. Just like Clash of Clans, you can build empires, gather resources, train troops and battle to conquer the lands of your epic rivals. The game kicks…

18. War of Mercenaries

Android iOS FB Amazon
War of Mercenaries, developed by Peak Games is an addictive and quite engaging MMORTS video game available to play online in a browser on Facebook, Android and iOS devices. The game lets you Build an epic and massive Empire, train forces of Mercenaries and fight for domination and glory. Like…

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