47 Games Like Arcane: The Armor Collector

Arcane: The Armor Collector is an Adventure, Side-scroll, and Single-player video game with Fighting Gladiator, and Action elements. The game takes place in the 2D world where the player can choose his character from available to jump into the world full of enemies. It has two modes such as Campaign and Free mode. The Free mode contains three game types such as Paladin mode, Archer mode, and Guard the King. Each mode offers the different gameplay and a set of objectives that the player needs to complete at any cost while playing. The player explores the environment from a side-scroll perspective and can battle against enemies using the ranged weapons like sword, bow, and a shield to defend himself from enemy attack. There are several levels, and each level requires a number of killed enemies to be completed. As the game proceeds, it becomes difficult to play. In Guard the King mode, the player must struggle to protect the king and fend off enemies and their attack. The player can run, jump, and attack enemies to earn points. With immersive gameplay, superb graphics, and cool controls, Arcane: The Armor Collector is the best game to play.

14. Death Tank

360 Amazon
Death Tank is a Strategy, Online, Artillery-based and Multiplayer video game developed by Lobotomy Software. The game offers turn-based gameplay and lets you fight against computer controlled or other player tanks. It can support up to seven players and offers a variety of weapons. You can get into the game…

15. iShoot

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iShoot is an Action, Turn-based, Strategy, and Artillery video game developed and published by Ethan Nicholas. The game is available to play on iOS platform only and offers turn-by –turn gameplay. It includes different weapons such as Missiles, Bombs, Shells, Nuclear Weapons and more to use. iShoot takes place in…

18. Worms Armageddon

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Worms Armageddon is a Turn-based Strategy, Artillery-based, Single and Multiplayer video game created by Team17 and published by MicroProse. It offers superb gameplay where you can control over the eight-worm team in battle against AI (artificial intelligence) or other players using real weapons. The game takes place in the stunning…

19. Cannon Brawl

Steam Win Mac PS4 Amazon
Cannon Brawl is a 2D, Artillery-based and Strategy video game with massive destructible and explosions terrain. The game combines the elements of Multiplayer, Adventure, Tower-defense, and Real-time Strategy. There is a chance to pilot an airship, command deadly weapons like flamethrowers, lasers and cannons. Participate in battles, lead your army…

23. Liero

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Liero is an Action, Artillery-based, Single and Multiplayer video game developed by Joosa Riekkinen. The game offers the similar gameplay like Worm and lets the player to compete against each other for high score. It takes place in underground environment and each character is loaded with five weapons that he…

26. ShellShock Live

Steam Win Mac Linux Amazon
ShellShock Live is an Artillery-based, Strategy, Action, Turn-based, Single and Multiplayer video game developed and published by kChamp Games. The game puts you in an action-packed gameplay and includes a variety of tanks, weapons, different play styles and items. It has different modes such as Deathmatch, Assassin, Juggernaut and Points.…

33. Bowman

Online Amazon
Bowman is an Action, Artillery-based, Single and Multiplayer video game for the browser. The game offers an exciting gameplay that you have never experienced before. It mixes Physics, Shooting, and Action elements to make the gameplay more thrilling. It has three different modes such as 2 Players, Vs. Computer and…

43. Worms 3D

PS2 Amazon
Worms 3D is an Artillery-based, Single-player and Multiplayer video game with an emphasis on Strategy elements developed by Team17 and published by Sega. The game serves as the marvelous part of the Worms series and comes with improved gameplay and enhanced mechanics. Unlike the previous titles, the game takes place…

45. Worms: Battle Islands

Vita PSP Amazon
Worms: Battle Islands is a Strategy, Artillery-based, Single-player and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Team17. The game focuses on turn-based gameplay, and it serves as the title in the marvellous series of Worm. Like the previous titles, the player commands the team of worms with an objective to…

46. Arcanists

Arcanists is a 2D Massively Multiplayer Online and Free-to-play video game, offering the similar gameplay to BBTanks and Worms, but with magic and wizard. In the game, the player can recruit and train his Arcanist and struggle to compete in the tournament to earn achievements and rewards. The player can…

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