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74 Games Like Another Brick in the Mall

Another Brick in the Mall combines the Management, Building, Sandbox, and Simulation elements developed and published by The Quadsphere. The game offers the player to design, build and manage his massive shopping center to make handsome profits. During the gameplay, the player needs to open supermarket, shops, bowling alleys, movie theatres, and more to immerse in the management gameplay experience. To expand his business, the player must hire and manage his staff for the job and mil his lovely customers for profit. The player starts the game with limited funds, attributes, and more with a task to become the tycoon. The player needs to invest his money in real estate business, take out loans to expand his business, and open his first business to become the master. There are several levels, and each level offers stunning gameplay with a set of tasks that the player has to accomplish at any cost. Another Brick in the Mall includes core features such as Deploy your Workshop, Hire Staff, Thousands of Characters, and more. Check it out, and have fun.

4. Venture Towns

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Venture Towns offers you an opportunity to build your metropolitan utopia, comprising houses, stores, mansions, towers, restaurants and more. The game brings Management, City-building, and Business Simulation for those players who love playing Management games. It supports Single-player mode and developed and published by Kairosoft for Android and iOS. At…

31. Horse Haven: World Adventures

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Horse Haven: World Adventures is a Building, Breeding and Management Simulation published and developed by Ubisoft Entertainment for mobile devices. The game offers you a chance to create a dream horse haven where you can collect more than 100 different horses including Shire, Black Forest, Gypsy Vanner, Agate Fairycorn, and…

37. Restaurant Dash: Gordon Ramsay

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Restaurant Dash: Gordon Ramsay offers an addictive gameplay revolves around Time Management elements developed and published by Glu. The game lets you a chance to set up your restaurant where you can deal with hungry customers, take their orders and cook yummy meals for them to earn money. The game…

46. Train Station: The Game on Rails

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Train Station: The Game on Rails is an addictive Management, Single-player and Multiplayer Rail Simulation developed and published by Pixel Federation for iOS and Android. The game offers you an opportunity to start your train business and experience the unique and amazing train ride of your life. You can navigate…
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