21 Games Like Amazing Alex

Amazing Alex is a Physics-based Puzzle and Single-player video game developed by Rovio Entertainment available to play on Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows. The game comes with an educational elements and focuses on Alex (the protagonist). The protagonist is described as the curious boy with interest in building things. The ultimate task of the player is to make different Rube-Goldberg type machines works. It offers the similar gameplay to The Incredible Machine, released in 1993. The game takes place in an exciting land consists of multiple locations such as The Classroom, The Backyard, Alex’s Bedroom, The Treehouse, and more. There are a variety of levels and each level has its unique difficulty that the player will face while playing the game. In the game, the player needs to unleash his creativity, use his wits and combine multiple objects to create an amazing machines. Using the Level Editor, the player can use lots of stuff to create his level and can share it with friends to play. Amazing Alex includes prominent features such as Create own Solutions, Build Levels, 100 Levels, Regular Updates, Fan-created Puzzles, and more. Try it out, and engage yourself in puzzle gameplay experience.

1. The Incredible Machine

Win Mac Amazon
The Incredible Machine is a Side-scroll, Puzzle and Single-player video game with Physics-based elements developed by Jeff Tunnell Productions and published by Sierra On-Line, Inc. The game lets the player assemble a contraption to solve mind-bending puzzles. The game contains a variety of puzzles, each with a simple objective like…

2. Fantastic Contraption

Win Mac Amazon
Fantastic Contraption is a Puzzle, Sandbox, Physics-based and Single-player video game with Virtual Reality elements developed and published by Northway Games and Radical Games. The game offers an opportunity to the player to unleash his creativity and construct different machines using building materials to accomplish challenges. There are a variety…

4. Furmins

Vita Amazon
Furmins is a Puzzle-Platform, Physics-based and Action video game created by Housemarque for PlayStation platform only. The game supports Single-player mode only and offers set-up and go gameplay with real-time interaction. It has more than hundred ingeniously designed level filled with mind-bending puzzles. The player to guide the Furmins to…

5. Feed Me Oil

iOS Vita Amazon
Feed Me Oil created by Alexander Ilin and published by Chillingo is a Physics-based Puzzle, and Single-player video game available to play on iOS and PlayStation platforms only. The game takes place in the beautiful world populated by strange creatures, and the land of the game is literally alive. The…

6. Super Scribblenauts

DS Amazon
Super Scribblenauts is an Action, Puzzle, Single and Multiplayer video game created by 5th Cell and published by WB Games for Nintendo DS. The game offers an exciting gameplay that you have never experience before. You must solve a variety of puzzles by typing or writing any object to interact…

8. Mechanic Master

DS Amazon
Mechanic Master is an Action, Puzzle, Physics-based, Single and Multiplayer video game created by Midway Games. The game lets you unleash your creativity, use your wits and create something unique to impress fellows. There are hundreds of new levels available and each level needs a completion of certain puzzle. According…

10. Armadillo Run

Win Linux Amazon
Armadillo Run is a Single-player Puzzle video game created by Peter Stock and published by Independent. The game takes place in the beautiful environment where you have to control a yellow ball-like object and attempt to reach the blue goal by building a structure using different items, and materials. Up…

14. Arthur to Astaroth no Nazo Makaimura: Incredible Toons

Vita Amazon
Arthur to Astaroth no Nazo Makaimura: Incredible Toons is an Action, Puzzle, Physics-based and Single-player video game developed and published by Capcom. The game offers similar gameplay to The Incredible Machine based on the Ghost ‘N Goblins series. It has an exciting gameplay, in which the player has to control…

17. Wheely

Online Amazon
Wheely is an Arcade, Puzzle and Single-player video game, in which the player has to control a vehicle and effort to reach the end of the level to complete. The game offers an incredible gameplay consists of numerous levels, and each level provides a set of puzzle and obstacles. In…

18. Where’s My Water?

Android iOS Amazon
Where’s My Water? is a Puzzle-based video game published by Disney Mobile and developed by Creature Feep. It brings addictive gameplay full of tricky puzzles, revolving around an alligator named as Swampy, who lives in the city. Swampy hates being dirty, but when he struggles to take a bath, another…

19. Casey’s Contraptions

Casey’s Contraptions is an Action, Physics-based, and Single-player Puzzle video game developed by Snappy Touch for iOS. The game offers exciting gameplay similar to Cut the Rope but with different environment and characters. There are a variety of levels and the game uses the star-based reward systems. In the game,…

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