Aero Fighters 3 Alternatives

Aero Fighters 3

Aero Fighters 3 is a Shoot ‘em up, Single-player and Two-player video game developed and published by Video System. The game is also known as Sonic Wings 3, and it comes with ten famous planes each with different abilities, some of whom return from previous titles… read more

13 Games Like Aero Fighters 3


1. Burai Fighter

Burai Fighter is a mix of Shoot ‘em up, and Arcade gameplay elements developed and published by Taxon. The game is played from a side-scroll vieeew and it takes place in the 2D environment. The player controls the main character who starts the game with weak cannon but can be upgraded after making enough points to ring missile, and laser weapons, which are relatively more powerful. In the start, the player selects from three different difficulty settings such as Eagle, Albatross, and Ace. The fourth difficulty setting needs to be unlocked to choose. The game starts with the player moving from left to right, but it can run in all four directions and even alter paths at the same level. The player needs to keep up moving because getting stuck on the screen’s edge he dies. He starts the game with a primary gun that the player can fire in all directions to take down enemies. There are several stages and each level comes with a set of tasks that players have to complete to advance. With immersive gameplay, superb mechanics, and old-classic graphics, Burai Fighter is a good game to play.


2. D-Force

D-Force is a Single-player Shoot ‘em up video game played from a vertical scrolling perspective developed and published by Asmik. The game takes place in the 2D environment where the player as the protagonist must struggle to take down an evil Middle Eastern Dictator to restore the peace. The game contains seven challenging levels which take place in six different countries. Some levels involve switching to attack enemies from a specific height, which uses Mode 7, one of the notable features of the game. The menu divides the game into three sections such as Shooting Mode, Game Start, and Exploration Mode. In the Game Start mode, the player explores all seven levels to advance, while in Shooting mode, the player has to navigate four levels using shooting and dodging skills. Exploration mode plays only three levels which involve switching to take down enemies and avoid obstacles. In the game, the player as a pilot can control a ship with an aim to complete all the missions to become the master.


3. Salamander 2

Salamander 2 is a 1997 Side-scroll Shooting, Single-player and Co-op Arcade video game developed and published by Konami. The game acts as the direct sequel to Salamander video game, serving as a spin-off of Gradius series. It uses the 2D graphics and retains all elements of its previous titles, including two-player gameplay, similar bosses and enemies, and more. Like the previous title, the game introduces a selection-based power-up system. During the gameplay, the player can’t increase the speed of the ship until the speed icon is selected. The player as the pilot controls the spaceship with an aim to face off upcoming waves of enemies and smash them for points. As the player advances, further levels will become available to play. Different types of enemy bosses await the player in several weapons. Salamander 2 includes core features such as Side-scroll Shoot ‘em up Gameplay, Several Ships, Enemy Bosses, and more. With immersive gameplay, classic graphics, and good controls, Salamander 2 is the best game to play.


4. Operation Spacehog

Operation Spacehog is an Action, 2D Side-scroll, Arcade, and Single-player Shooting video game by Free Lunch Design AB for Microsoft Windows. The game takes place in the futuristic year and set in a sci-fi world. In the game, the player needs to blast his way through the massive space to protect the planet Earth from evil invader aliens. The player starts the game by selecting one of many available pilots each with its unique characteristics and skills. During the gameplay, the player must destroy several waves of enemies to advance through the game. Many challenging levels available and each has its unique level difficulty. The plane of the player equips with weapons which the player uses to attack enemies for points. The game also supports two simultaneous players for competitive gameplay. Operation Spacehog includes core features such as Several Levels, Shooting Gameplay, 2D Graphics, and Smooth Controls. Check it out, if you love playing old classic games.


5. Axelay

Axelay is a Side-scroll and Single-player video game developed and published by Konami. The game takes place in the science-fiction world similar to Life Force and Gradius. It introduces both vertically and horizontal scrolling levels and enables the players to select three different weapons, which increases in number as the player advances through the game. Instead of gathering weapons, power-ups from taking down enemies, the player unlocks new weapons as he/she advances through the game. Standard weapons, a bomb or missile, a special weapon are three different types of weaponry. The story revolves around a planetary system, once a peaceful system. An alien invasion threatens it called the Armada of Annihilation, trying to take over the planets of the system to rule over the galaxy. The game increases the level difficulty as the player complete several missions. With action-packed gameplay, brilliant mechanics, and smooth controls, Axelay is the best game to play.


6. Sonic Wings Special

Sonic Wings Special is a Shoot ‘em up, Single-player and Multiplayer video game created by Video System and published by MediaQuest. The game is played from a vertical-scrolling perspective, and it offers the combination of prominent features in Sonic Wings, Sonic Wings 2, and Sonic Wings 3. The player discovers seven playable teams, fourteen different pilots, and more than twenty-six fighters to play. In the game, each team comprises two members. USA, Japan, Russia, Sweden, NATO, etc. are prominent teams in the game, and the player can select one of them to start the game. There are over seventeen stages available, but nine of which are available to play at a time. The game introduces a branching system that enables the player to select one of two branches after accomplishing stages five, seven, or eight. Sonic Wings Special includes prominent features such as 17 Stages, 7 Teams, 26 Fighters, Addictive Gameplay, and more. With superb mechanics, cool controls, and old-school graphics, Sonic Wings Special is the best game to play.


7. 19XX: The War Against Destiny

19XX: The War Against Destiny is a Single-player and Multiplayer Vertical Shooter video game developed and published by Capcom. The game offers the fantastic storyline set in before the fictional battle, where you as a lone pilot struggles to take down entire evil organization from beginning another world war, which soon turns into a nuclear apocalypse. It acts as the 4th title in the series of WWII vertical shooter by Capcom. You in the start of the game selects one of three different airplanes each with different attributes in power, speed, and strength of the homing attack. When exploring the environment through a set of the level, three main weapons can be used by selecting their respective items, to fire multi-directional missiles, straight-firing lasers, or Vulcan bullets. The player receives additional points at the end of each level, for the number of bombs held in stock. 19XX: The War against Destiny offers impressive gameplay, brilliant graphics, and cool features. It is the best game where you will experience the old-school graphics with classic gameplay.


8. Strikers 1945 III

Strikers 1945 III (also known as Strikers 1999) deals with Shoot ‘em up, Single-player and Multiplayer Vertical-scroll video game developed by Psikyo. It acts as the sequel to video game Strikers 1945 II.The story takes place after the end of the last title, a swarm of microscopic robots known as nanites have threatened the planet Earth and struggle to infiltrate the military bases in each country. It is made of up high-ranking international military forces, and the game introduces six best fighters, together establish a team and named it Strikers, have been selected secretly by United Military Headquarters for an epic mission against the mysterious evil organization. Like other shooting games, there are several levels, and the player needs to complete a set of objectives in each one to advance through the story. During the gameplay, the player controls a plane which make three attacks such as a charged shot, a normal shot, and a bomb that cleans the screen which is full of enemies and bullets. With cool gameplay, shooting mechanics, and smooth controls, Strikers 1945 is the best game to play.


9. Aero Fighters 2

Aero Fighters 2, also known as Sonic Wings 2 is a vertical-scroll, Single-player and Multiplayer Shoot ‘em up video game with Arcade elements developed and published by Video System. The game offers two-button control, and it puts the player in the role of the pilot who can command his plane through the enemy-filled environment. The player needs to perform his best to reach the end of each level while smashing enemies to make points to set up his record. During the gameplay, the player can obtain power projectile by smashing buildings and armoured enemy planes. Two different types of power projectiles available to increase the firepower of the plane by one level. When a specific amount of buildings and enemies are destroyed, money appears in the form of bonus which grants the player points based on how fast the player destroy them and how speedily he gathered the bonus. Aero Fighters 2 includes core features such as Vertical-scrolling Gameplay, Shooting Mechanics, Several Levels, and more. Check it out, and have fun.


10. Ghost Pilots

Ghost Pilots lets you experience the Vertical-scroll Shooter gameplay with old-school graphics developed and published by SNK. The game comes with a Single-player mode and enables the player to pilot a plane from a vertical-scroll with an aim to shoot at enemies and crush them for points. The gameplay is simple to play with elements similar to Capcom’s 194X games but is tough even on the easiest difficulty level. Unlike other scrolling shooting games, the game uses a seaplane, instead of a spaceship or airplane. The environment of the game takes place in the World War II setting, and the story revolves around the Nazi general who sends his army against the Allies. As the game starts, two freelance pilots embark on an epic war in their seaplanes to battle the Axis forces. The game features many levels, and each level has a set of objectives that the player must complete at any cost. The player moves to the next levels as completes the objectives. With immersive gameplay, superb mechanics, and cool graphics, Ghost Pilots is the best game to play.


11. Finalizer: Super Transformation

Finalizer: Super Transformation is an Action, 2D Vertical-scroll Shooting, and Single-player video game developed and published by Konami. The game uses the old-classic graphics, and it lets the player pilot a jet fighter over the planet Earth in order to make his way around the world. While flying, the player will be attacked by an enemy ship that can be destroyed for points. After obtaining 30,000 points, the player will receive a bonus life and will be able to gather capsules. Gathering a capsule will turn the fighter jet of the player into a mech equipped with a shield that can absorb few bullets of enemies. During the game, the player can select to fire the capsules instead for different power-ups. The player moves in the world from a vertical scrolling with an aim to destroy all enemies while avoiding bullets to reach the end of each level. With an old-scroll graphics, simple controls, and good mechanics, Finalizer: Super Transformation is good to play.


12. Chaos Field

Chaos Field is an Action and Single-player Shoot ‘em up video game developed and published by MileStone for PlayStation 2. The game takes place in the 2D world and features three different ships from which the player needs to define his one and jump into the fight against enemies. Each ship has its unique traits of firepower and speed. During the gameplay, the player uses the wing layer to damage the enemy as well as avoiding bullets to obtain combos. The ship of the player can move back and forth between two dimensions such as Chaos Field and the Oderfield. The game takes the player in the future, where the technological advancements of humanity find a dimension of absolute called the Chaos Field. After that, the vicious creatures of the discovered dimension start invading the planet earth. Hal, Ifumi, and Jinn are prominent characters of the game that the player can select to play. With immersive gameplay, cool graphics, and superb features, Chaos Field is the best game to play.


13. Gitaroo Man

Gitaroo Man is a Music, Single-player and Multiplayer video game developed Koei and published by THQ. U-1 is a young boy who is ridiculed by his classmates, passed over by Pico (his dream girl) and bullied by his rival Kazuya. The plot starts when Puma, a dog with a capability of speaking, teaches the protagonist how to play the guitar. As the story advances, the protagonist comes to know that he is the last legendary hero of Planet Gitaroo. During the gameplay, the player as the protagonist faces lots of opponents in musical battles and each level, the player and the opponent have a life bar, and the main objective is to deplete the life bar of each other to win and struggle to reaches the end of each stage without running out of life. There are three phases in each level such as Charge, Guard and Attack. During the charge and the Attack phase, the player follows the trace line using the analog button and play music, while in charge phase, successful notes will be restored the health of the player. With prominent features, smooth gameplay, and good graphics, Gitaroo Man is a good music game to play.

More About Aero Fighters 3

Aero Fighters 3 is a Shoot ‘em up, Single-player and Two-player video game developed and published by Video System. The game is also known as Sonic Wings 3, and it comes with ten famous planes each with different abilities, some of whom return from previous titles. Additionally, two new secret characters from previous installments can be accessed by providing the code. Different characters in the game can carry different power-ups, bombs, and abilities. Smashing massive enemy numbers on the ground will reveal the special power-ups as well as currency icon. The player starts the game by choosing his one of ten planes and partake in the battle against enemies in order to restore the peace. The game comprises eighteen different stages, eight of which is played in each of the two loops of the game using a branching system. After taking down bosses of specific stages, a plane will occur with two destructible wings. Aero Fighters 3 offers prominent features, stunning gameplay, and cool music tracks.