Adventures of Tom Sawyer


Games Like Adventures of Tom Sawyer for Nintendo 3DS

#1 Donkey Kong: Country Returns


Donkey Kong: Country Returns is a cool Side-Scrolling, Adventure, Puzzle and Platformer video game that takes you to an amazing world of monkeys and fits you into the character of an ape Donkey Kong or Diddy kong upon your choice. This super fun game is available to play on Nintendo devices only. You can get into the game by selecting the best character for yourself and engage yourself into the most amazing game world filled with Caves, Jungles, Beaches, Volcanos and beautiful sceneries. Unlike other traditional games, Donkey Kong: Country Returns provides with a greatly enhanced game-play that lets you ride in carts and barrels and use pop gun to shoot and fly a plane to transport yourself from one spot to another. You can walk, jump and run on the platforms by swinging and clearing your way through the most challenging and exciting levels of the game.