Games Like ACTING LESSONS for Nintendo DS

#1 Time Hollow


Time Hollow is a mix of Adventure and Visual Novel gameplay elements developed by Tenky and published by Konami. The game supports Single-player option only and available to play on the Nintendo DS. The storyline of the game focuses on Ethan Kairos, whose parents strangely disappear on his 17th birthday. He realizes that the whole world has altered as if his beloved parents disappeared 12 years ago. After that, he discovers a green pen with a capability of opening portals to the past. As the story advances, the player receives a note tied to his cat, informing him to look in a dumpster behind his school where he discovers a note from his father. The game revolves around Graphic Adventure elements, in which the player commands the character to locate his missing parents. Using the pen the player can open portals into the past to experience a flashback of certain locations. Many levels are available, and the player must complete each one to advance through the storyline.