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14 Games Like 8Days: Peace is our Business

8Days: Peace is our Business is a 2D, Pixel Graphics, Top-down Shooter and Single-player Action video game created by Santa Clara Games and published by Badland Games. According to the story, the entire world has been conquered by dark forces since the starting of the human history. These dark forces can use any means required to defend their interests including wars. You can assume the role of the protagonist, and your aim is to travel around the globe in five different missions to solve dangerous conflicts. Each task contains a set of levels that you have to complete in multiple ways every time you play. Explore the world from an isometric perspective, and fight against enemies using weapons that can be upgraded by using points. As you advanced, the game become difficult to play and you have to solve challenging levels to further progress. 8Days: Peace is our Business offers core features such as Smooth Controls, Thirty-one Heart Pumping Tunes, Adaptive Enemies, and more. Try it out, and you’ll enjoy it.

1. Splatter: Zombie Apocalypse

Steam Win Mac Amazon
Splatter: Zombie Apocalypse is an Action, Top-down Shooter, Co-op, and Single-player video game developed and published by Dreamworlds. The game offers horror-filled gameplay and takes place in the zombie-apocalypse-themed world. It puts you in the role of the protagonist, who has to fight against hordes of monsters and zombies using…

12. Scram Kitty DX

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Scram Kitty DX is an Arcade, Action, Top-down Shooting, and Platform video game developed and published by Dakko Dakko Ltd for PlayStation platform. The game puts the player in role of the protagonist, a young hero who embarks on a perilous quest to save his pet cat named as Scram…

13. Don’t Die, Mr. Robot!

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Don’t Die, Mr. Robot! is an Arcade and Single-player video game developed by Infinite State Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for multiple platforms. The game offers exciting gameplay and brings an exciting story for arcade lovers, in which the robotic drones take over the world of the game,…

14. ACA NeoGeo Shock Troopers

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ACA NeoGeo Shock Troopers is an Action, Arcade, Co-op, and Single-player Shooting video game developed and published by Hamster, Co. for multiple platforms. The game features eight mercenaries, who challenges the monstrous terrorist organization, planning to take over the world and spreading chaos everywhere. In the game, the player participates…

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