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12 Games Like 4 Elements

4 Elements is a superbly created Fantasy, and Adventure Puzzle-RPG and Strategy video game developed by PlayRix Entertainment. The game puts you right into the middle of an ancient kingdom. The four elements that kept holding the kingdom together are now in grave danger because of the evil powers that are slowly eating up the energy of life. The responsibility now falls upon your shoulders to find out the four sacred ancient books of magic and sixteen cards of mystery. The Magic books and the cards ae your only hope as they can save the kingdom and eliminate the enemy. The game provides you with a Match-3 puzzle game play in which you must join 3 or more elements of the same type to make a new element. The new element will help you attack the enemy eliminate the threat. As the game is turn-based, once you have completed your turn, the evil enemy will attack and you must defend yourself against the brutal power generated by the enemy elements. A few more classic features of the game include bonus elements, eye catching graphics and a well-written storyline. Do try it out, you’ll definitely like it.

1. Legend of Fae

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Legend of Fae, developed by Endless Fluff Games is a Fantasy-based Puzzle-RPG ad Strategy video game that provides with a Match-3 type of game-play in a Turn-based environment. The game features Claudia who starts searching for her missing uncle but instead finds out the pathway to Fae the entities who…

5. Gems of War

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Gems of War is another great game developed by the creators of Puzzle Quest and Puzzle Quest 2. The game provides with an amazing amalgamation of Match-3 Puzzle, RPG and Strategy elements and allows you to experience and amazing game-play. Gems of War allows you to battle against your enemies…

6. Triple Town

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Triple Town is Strategy and Match-3 Puzzle and Strategy video game developed by SpryFox, LLC that lets you experience an amazingly addictive and quite fascinating game-play in which you can build your own city and everything in it by matching-up three or more of the same kind of things or…

7. ReignMaker

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ReignMaker presented by FrogDice is an amazing Match-3 Puzzle-RPG and Strategy video game. The game take you to an amazing world in which you can build your own city and rule by strategically defeating your enemies. Just like the names mentioned on the list, ReignMaker allows you to defeat your…

8. Puzzle Kingdoms

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Puzzle Kingdoms is another Turn-Based Puzzle-RPG and Strategy video game by Infinite Interactive. The game allows you to challenge yourself by strategically attacking your enemy and defeat them for good. Puzzle Kingdoms provides with a Match-3 Puzzle game-play in which you can defeat your enemy by matching 3 or more…

9. Dungeon Hearts

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Dungeon Hearts is a marvelous production of Cube Roots. This Match-3 Puzzle-RPG and Strategy video game is focused on a Side-Scrolling game-play in which you can defeat your enemies by running in a pack of four warriors and by matching 3 or more of the same colored symbols named as…

10. Puzzle Quest

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Puzzle Quest is a series of wonderful Puzzle-RPG video games that offer a great Match-3 type of gameplay. In every game of the series, the battles are fought in a turn-based manner, and the game allows the players to match three or more of the same type gems and other…

11. Might and Magic: Heroes VII: Trial by Fire

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Might and Magic: Heroes VII: Trial by Fire is a Turn-based Strategy and Role-playing video game created Limbic Entertainment and published by Ubisoft. The game has both Single and Multiplayer mode and offers improved gameplay, mechanics, and controls. There are two factions available such as Emperor Ivan and Legendary Dwarven…

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