3D Paraglider


Games Like 3D Paraglider for Linux

#1 ParaFly Sim


ParaFly Sim is a Sports and Single-player video game comes with hand gliding and paragliding, still being developed for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac. The game is created with the professional glider in mind to make it as realistic as possible and also replicate the feel of ridge lift flying. It uses an airfoil physics to simulate the aerodynamics of wings best. In the game, the player can release and fly either hang gliders or paragliders at any time. During the game, the player will experience the realistic airfoil dynamics calculating all drag and lift equations in real-time. It takes place in an open world environment where the player can fly anywhere he like and also land as well. The multiplayer mode lets players fly with other pilots and have fun. Lots of challenging levels await the player, and he needs to complete each one to advance through the game. ParaFly Sim includes prominent features such as Open World, Realistic Flight Dynamics, Paragliders and Hang gliders, Anabatic Wind, Custom Scenery, Thermal System, and more.