16 Games Like 2048 Knight

2048 Knight is a Puzzle, Pixel-Graphic, and Single-player video game developed and published by Retro Box for Android. The game offers the similar gameplay to 2048 and follows its traditional rules. It revolves around the puzzle gameplay and mixes the monster-hunter content. In the game, the player has to merge similar items to score the points and attack monsters to kill. The player acts as the knight who can use ranged weapons like knife, axe, hammer, and sword. The game starts with some ranged weapons that the player has to merge with similar shape and collect points to unlock further. The player needs to level up the Knight Templar to challenge the massive bosses. It offers easy controls, the player just swipe left, right, up or down his way to merge into the same shape. It has a series of levels of three difficulties such as Easy, Normal, and Hard. Follow the rules, complete the requirement of the game and become the master. 2048 Knight offers brilliant gameplay, superb mechanics, and wonderful graphics. Try it out, and you’ll enjoy it.

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1. Hexic 2048

Android iOS Amazon
Hexic 2048 is a Puzzle and Single-player video game developed and published by SmartPlayLand for mobile devices such as Android and iOS. The game offers a superb gameplay that the players have never experienced before. It takes place on a board comprises multiple tiles. There are lots of tiles available,…

3. 1024

Android iOS Amazon
1024 is a cool Puzzle video game that takes you on a tile matching routine. 1024 is all about swiping and matching numbered tiles to merge them and create a tile with the number 1024. Once all the numbers are matched up and the tile with the number 1024 is…

4. White 2048

Android iOS Amazon
White 2048 is a wonderful title that offers a Threes and 2048 inspired game-play and characteristics. This brilliant Puzzle game offers a unique game-play with enhanced mechanics and game-play etc. This time you are required to match Blocks instead of tiles and you’ll see a number of colored blocks on…

5. 243

Android iOS Amazon
243 is a cool Puzzle game filled up with all the Numbered tile matching fun. The game offers a Threes and 2048 type visuals and game-play and allows you to merge the same numbered tiles and keep on moving the tiles and merging them until you make the 243 tile…

7. Betract

Android iOS Amazon
Betract is a cool game similar to the popular 2048 and Threes that will swirl up your mind by all the challenging and exciting Puzzles provided. The game tasks you to add up the numbers to make more numbers while avoiding the subtractions. If in the procedure of adding up…

9. Fives

Android Amazon
Fives is a wonderfully addictive and quite challenging Puzzle video game. This super challenger is one with the closest resemblances to Threes and 2048 series games. Fives offers a brilliant game-play in which you will have to match the numbers but not the same type. For example, you can match…

10. 2048 Casino Chips

iOS Amazon
2048 Casino Chips is an iOS devices specific Puzzle video game that offers Casino Chops instead of traditional tiles and allows you to enjoy a different yet amazing Puzzle gaming experience. Just like Threes and 2048, you’ll have to merge the Casino Chips in order to get to the number…

11. Digit Disorder

Android Amazon
Digit Disorder is one of the most popular and challenging Puzzle games and it offer a unique game-play with all the brilliant things you can imagine if you are a math lover. The game offers a similar game-play to Three and other titles of the same type such as 2048…

13. 2048

Android iOS Amazon
2048 is a fantastic Puzzle video game that offers a game-play identical to the popular Threes game. It offers brilliant Swipe and match fun and allows you to match the tiles until all the added tiles sum up as 2048. Once you get the number 2048 the game concludes and…

14. Super Sudoku

Android Amazon
Super Sudoku is a Board and Single-player video game developed and published by Kiwi Mobile for Android. The game follows the rules of original Sudoku game, and it comes with five levels of difficulty. In the game, you can track your pattern with the help of stats and can use…

15. Nuclien

Android Switch Amazon
Nuclien is an Action, Arcade, Puzzle, and Single-player video game developed and published by Springloaded for Android and Nintendo Switch. It offers an addictive gameplay, where the player needs to count as fast as possible in the splitting game that forces the player to find out the numbers as fast…

16. Simon Says

Online Amazon
Simon Says is a Retro-style, Puzzle and Single-player video game available to play on the Browser. The game comes with simple but tough gameplay where the concentration is the main aspect. In the game, the player has to follow the pattern of lights and sounds for as long as the…

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