4 Games Like 1010! Puzzle for Mac OS

1010! Puzzle is a Relaxing Puzzle and Single-player Brain Teaser video game created by Gram Games Limited for Android and iOS. The game offers simple yet challenging gameplay to train the brain of the player. In the game, the player can challenge his skills with the new set of a skill game that will keep the player entertained for several hours. During the game, the player has to train his brain and struggle to develop his logic with this game that enables the player mix puzzle blocks, destroy and create structures by creating different lines and show off his skills in front of his friends. The job of the player is to collect blocks to form a building with an ability to stop and start the game anytime the player want. There are numerous levels, and each level has its unique complexity that the player needs to face and complete the level to make points. 1010! Puzzle includes core features such as Combine Puzzle Blocks, Match Shapes, Addictive Gameplay, Destroy Lines, and more. Check it out, and have fun.

1. Viridi

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Viridi is a Free-to-play, Relaxing, Atmospheric, and Single-player Simulation created and published by Ice Water Games for multiple platforms. The game offers relaxing gameplay that players have never experienced before. In the game, the player is tasked to look after a pot of succulents. The plot is full of various…


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KAMI is a Colorful, 2D Relaxing, Puzzle, and Single-player video game developed by State of Play Games for multiple platforms. The game offers impressive gameplay, in which the player needs to fold out the colored paper to complete the screen with few moves. It has easy to pick-up gameplay, but…

3. Cultris II

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Cultris II is an immersive game similar to Tetris. It is available to play on Windows and Mac platforms only. The game introduces the timer-based system and fast-paced gameplay. It supports both single and multiplayer modes. The ultimate task is to clear the lines by adjusting blocks in their right…

4. BlockOut 2

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BlockOut 2 is an Arcade, Puzzle, and Single-player video game available to play on Windows, Linux, and Mac. The game offers the similar gameplay like Tetris and Dr. Mario. It has a set of levels each is challenging from last one. The ultimate task is to score the highest points…

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