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13 Games Like Race for the Galaxy

Race for the Galaxy mixes the Card, Board and Strategy elements developed and published by Temple Gates Games LLC for Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows. The game takes place in the science-fiction environment where you have to advance your empire by placing powerful cards to create technological developments on different planets. It supports Single-player and Multiplayer modes only and introduces Five Worlds, Development Cards, and Ninety Settlements. At the beginning of the player, the player needs to secretly determine which one of seven different phases he will unlock it. Create settlements, build engines, and other things that the player imagine to win the amazing prizes. Up to four players can play simultaneously in a Multiplayer mode. There are a variety of levels, and the player must complete each one to progress through the game to score the highest points. Race for the Galaxy offers prominent features such as Local Multiplayer, Advanced Neural Network AI, Five Worlds, Ninety Settlements, and more. Try it out.

Good alternative game?

Hearts is a Trick-based, Puzzle, and Card video game created by Karman Games. The game has both Single and Multiplayer modes and available to play on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. Four different players can compete against each other at a time and the main aim is to…

World Series of Poker
Good alternative game?

World Series of Poker developed by Playtika for those players who love playing Card games. The game has both Single and Multiplayer modes and lets the player join tournament to win ultimate prize in poker. The game lets the player a chance to play with friends at anywhere, anytime. It…

Ultimate Teen Patti
Good alternative game?

Ultimate Teen Patti combines the elements of Casino, Card, and Multiplayer for those who love playing betting and poker games. It offers smoothest gameplay and graphics developed by ultimate-Games. Teen Patti is a famous card game in India and known as Indian Poker and supports multiplayer mode. The player can…

Animation Throwdown: TQFC
Good alternative game?

Animation Throwdown: TQFC is a Trick-based, and Puzzle video game focuses on those who love playing Card games. The game supports Single-player mode developed by Kongregate. It combines the elements of Strategy, Adventure, and Collectible Cards and includes animated Characters. Create and customize your deck selecting cards and dive into…

Fairway Solitaire
Good alternative game?

Fairway Solitaire is a Card and Single-player video game by Big Fish Games. The game based on the classic card known as Solitaire and includes a Daily Challenge option where the player can play three different courses and win exciting trophies. Caddyshack inspires the game, and it represents the modified…

Mahjong Trails
Good alternative game?

Mahjong Trails is a Single-player, Card, and Puzzle video game available to play on Facebook only. There are different exciting locations where the game takes place and consists of hundreds of levels to play and enjoy. Enter your name and get into the game world where you must unleash every…

Fairway Solitaire Blast
Good alternative game?

Fairway Solitaire Blast is a Card game developed by Big Fish Games. The game center around those players who love playing card and puzzle game. It supports Single-player mode and includes lots of power-ups, quests, daily challenges, prizes, and tournament. The gameplay is simple, in which you can play one…

Solitaire Magic Klondike
Good alternative game?

Solitaire Magic Klondike is a Puzzle and Card game available to play on Android and Facebook. The game offers a superb gameplay, in which you can relax, unwind and have fun after a long day. It supports Single-player mode created and published by Viral s.r.o. The game consists of three…

Avalon Legends Solitaire
Good alternative game?

Avalon Legends Solitaire takes place in the land of the lush forest consists of tall mountains, plains, magic etc. The game revolves around the Puzzle and Card gameplay and supports Single-player mode available to play on Android and iOS. In the gameplay, the Druids are equips with magical power that…

Pyramid Solitaire Saga
Good alternative game?

Pyramid Solitaire Saga is a Puzzle game offers by the developers of Farm Heroes Saga known as King. The game revolves around card element and supports Single-player mode available to play on Android and iOS. It focuses on an ancient world where the game takes place and cast you in…

Mahjong Solitaire Guru
Good alternative game?

Mahjong Solitaire Guru is a Card and Board video game created by Appliciada. The game focuses on classic card game known as Shanghai Mahjong. The objective of the player is to eliminate all the tiles to score the highest points. Each tile offers a picture and the game includes forty-three…

Hearts Spades Euchre
Good alternative game?

Hearts Spades Euchre offers three classic card games in one collection and supports both Single and Multiplayer modes developed and published by Cosmigo. The game mixes the elements of Board, Puzzle, and Card and offers an exciting gameplay. In local Multiplayer mode, you can challenge your friends and can compete…

Microsoft Spider Solitaire
Good alternative game?

Microsoft Spider Solitaire (also known as Spider Solitaire) is a Card game for Microsoft Windows. The game offers an addictive gameplay and introduces three level difficulties such as Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. The player plays the game with two deck of cards comprises 104 cards. In the playfield, fifty-four cards…

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