50 Games Like Jewel Myth

Jewel Myth is an addictive and fun Match-3 Puzzle video game by BubbleSoft. The game provides with 100 levels of pure awesomeness with a classic jewel matching game-play. The only objective of the game is to win the Golden Star by playing and finishing all the levels with maximum scores. Just like Jewel Quest and many other greats of this genre, you can play the game by swiping on the screen and by matching 3 or more of the same type of  jewels until all the jewels on the board are finished. Once all of the jewels are finished, you’ll get a Golden Star that you can collect and move on to the next level of the game. Jewel Myth allows you to experience and amazingly colorful and quite addictive game-play, best 3D graphics and a number of extreme levels of difficulty and excitement.

Jewel Quest
Good alternative game?

Jewel Quest, developed by iWIN is a Match-3 Puzzle or Tile Matching video game that provides with an amazing and colorful game-play. The game is set on a grid filed with Diamonds, Coins, Gold Nuggets and Skulls. All you do is swap with your finger and match-up 3 or more…

Good alternative game?

Bejeweled is an exciting Match-3 Puzzle video game by PopCap Games. With a record 75 million copies sold and downloaded more than 150 million times, Bejeweled lets you swap different gems and match them with others of the same color to make a horizontal or vertical chain of three or…

Egypt Jewels
Good alternative game?

Egypt Jewels is a super addictive and quite engaging Match-3 Puzzle game by BubbleSoft and provides with another classic game-play, great 3D graphics and easy swipe controls. You get to play 100 levels of dazzling game and match up the differently colored jewels horizontally and vertically to make them vanish.…

Angkor Quest
Good alternative game?

Angkor Quest is another Match-3 Puzzle video game that provides with a super addicting and thrillingly involving game-play. Just like the biggest names of this specific genre, you can match-up 3 or more of the same kind jewels to make them vanish from your screen and as the reward, game…

Jewels Pop
Good alternative game?

Jewels Pop, developed by Pocket Storm is a Match-3 Puzzle video game that blends in with strategy gaming and provides with a super thrilling and addictive game-play. The game lets you tap on two or more jewels of the same king and pop them, reach the target points and after…

Blizzard Jewels
Good alternative game?

Blizzard Jewels is a super exciting and quite addictive Match-3 Puzzle video game developed by CodingCake and offers an amazingly engaging game-play filled with Diamonds, Rubies, Crystals and a whole lot of treasure with all the shiny glitters to lure you to the game world. Blizzard Jewels provides with easy…

Jewels Star
Good alternative game?

Jewels Star is a marvelous Match-3 Puzzle video game that takes you to an amazing night sky environment and provides with an addicting and quite engaging game-play. Just like a traditional Match-3 puzzle game, you match-up the same type of jewels hanging on a starry sky until all the board…

Jewels Career
Good alternative game?

Jewels Career is a fun and addictive Match-3 Puzzle video game. The game provides with a number of exciting and quite engaging levels of jewel crushing. You can play the game by matching up 3 or more of the same kind of jewels to eliminate them. You can also tap…

Jewels Deluxe
Good alternative game?

Jewels Deluxe is an addictive and quite challenging Match-3 Puzzle video game. It takes you to a beautiful and amazingly colorful world of glittering jewels and lets you play the game by simply matching up 3 or more of the same kind of jewels and eliminate them. Jewels Deluxe provides…

Jewel Mania
Good alternative game?

Jewel Mania is another great Puzzle, Match-3 video game from Storm8 Studios that truly mimics the qualities and characteristics of Bejeweled. With a similar game-play, Jewel Mania allows you to swap and match 3 or more of the same kinds of Jewels, create waves of amazingly beautiful sparkles of jewels…

Diamond Digger Saga
Good alternative game?

Diamond Digger Saga by King, is another great Match-3 Puzzle video game that offers similar aesthetics to a number of big names such as Jelly Splash, Candy Crush Saga, Bubble Witch Saga etc. and provides with a chance to dig diamonds and find amazing amounts of treasures underneath the folds…

The Treasures of Montezuma 2
Good alternative game?

The Treasure of Montezuma 2, developed by HeroCraft Ltd. is an addictive Match-3 Puzzle video game. This superbly amusing sequel to the popular The Treasure of Montezuma provides with over a hundred game levels based up on ancient Aztec visuals, Magical Artifacts and amazingly super cool fun filled game-play. The…

Jelly Splash
Good alternative game?

Jelly Splash is a wonderfully addictive Match-3 type Puzzle video game by Wooga. You can play this match-3 puzzler alone or online with anyone around the world online or with your friends on Facebook and share your scores. The game offers Candy Crush Saga inspired game-play and mechanics and allows…

Farm Heroes Saga
Good alternative game?

Farm Heroes Saga is another great Match-3 Puzzle video game from King, the maker of the popular game Candy Crush Saga. The game provides with similar mechanics and game-play as Candy Crush Saga and offers a brilliantly immersive Match-3 type game-play experience. Farm Heroes Saga lets you manage your personal…

Candy Crush Saga
Good alternative game?

Candy Crush Saga is an award winning and immensely popular Match-3 type Puzzle video game by King. The game is set in the beautiful Candy Kingdom where your task is to match 3 or more of the same kind of candies, blast em’ up and earn exciting prize, game money…

Cookie Jam
Good alternative game?

Cookie Jam is a great Puzzle, Match-3 video game by SGN that allows you to play with the delicious cookies and the Cookie Jam. Cookie Jam lets you hop in your wonderful traveling bakery, visit wonderlands and enjoy the amazing world of challenging puzzles, colors and brilliance. Your task is…

Puzzle and Dragons
Good alternative game?

Puzzle and Dragons is a great creation of GungHo Online Entertainment. The game is a super addictive and engaging Match-3 Puzzle video game that combines Strategy and RPG elements in its core game-play and offers a really unique experience ever. The game lets you move and match three or more…

Good alternative game?

BraveSmart, created by Flaregames is probably the most addictive Match-3 Puzzle video game you’ll ever play. The game lets you combine three or more wooden, rock or metal tiles to make small homes and cottages. You must build minimum three cottages to make a mansion and when you are done…

Juice Cubes
Good alternative game?

Juice Cubes developed by Rovio Stars Ltd, is a really delicious treat to the players who like playing games of Match-3 type Puzzle genre. Cubes filled with juice are what you have to match up or crush. This amazingly appetizing game is a one of the most popular and quite…

Bubble Witch 2 Saga
Good alternative game?

Bubble Witch 2 Saga from the developers of Candy Crush Saga, Farm Heroes Saga and Bubble Witch Saga, is one of the best Match-3 type Puzzle video games. The game allows you to help Stella and her friends to push off the evil spirits in order to save their land…

Bubble Mania
Good alternative game?

Bubble Mania from Storm8 Studios, is another cool Puzzle, Match-3 video game. The game allows you to go against the Evil Bubble Wizard, defeat him and free the baby critters by matching a number of sweet bubbles and making beautiful combinations of them. All you go t to do is…

Butterfly Escape
Good alternative game?

Butterfly Escape is a great Match-3 and Puzzle video game developed and published by Genimo Interactive LLC. This super amazing Puzzle game offers 109 levels of fast-paced game-play. Just like all other match-3 puzzle games, in Butterfly Escape player hits the differently colored orbs with the ones he shoots from…

Frozen Free Fall
Good alternative game?

Frozen Free Fall, developed by Disney is another great Puzzle, Match-3 video game. In this game you will have to match up beautiful ice crystals in order to complete the enchanting game levels and to make sparkling combinations of items. This match-3 game comes with a unique design and the…

Good alternative game?

This fast paced Puzzle and Match-3 game TumbleBugs is developed by Wildfire Studios and published by BigFish games in collaboration with GameHouse. Tumble bugs offers a similar game-play to the Popular Zuma Series and allows you to enjoy an immersive game-play experience. A slight difference is the presence of Bugs…

Bejeweled Blitz
Good alternative game?

Bejeweled Blitz is a super addicting Puzzle, Match-3 video game created by Electronics Arts. This remarkable piece of art is the winner of 2013 Google Players Choice Awards. You can play this game on almost every Android device. A really great feature of this game is the free coins for…

Good alternative game?

Zuma, tile or balls matching Puzzle and Match-3 video game is developed by PopCap Games. This fast paced and super addictive game is available on multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Windows Mobile, Android, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Palm OS. With amazing and quite catching sequels…

Maleficent Free Fall
Good alternative game?

Maleficent Free Fall is another amazing Match-3 type Puzzle video game from the creator of Frozen Free Fall, Disney. The game is inspired by Disney’s epic Action-Film of the same name and offer almost all of the brilliant characters and lets you enjoy an exciting game-play experience ever. With spectacular…

Atlantis Adventure
Good alternative game?

Unlike all other Games of this genre, Atlantis Adventure is not just a simple Match-3 Puzzle game, it includes a wonderful game plot, a number of beautiful locations and brilliant effects as well. In order to immerse yourself into the amazing game-play, Atlantis Adventure allows you to traverse through the…

Charm King
Good alternative game?

If you really are deep into Match-3 Puzzle gaming, Charm King is the one exciting game for you. This brilliant Free-to-Play Match-3 Puzzle game takes you to a whole new level of awesomeness and allows you to match 3 or more of the same type of objects in order to…

Good alternative game?

Magnetica, developed by Mitchell Corporation and published by Nintendo is a great Match-3 type Puzzle video game. This match-3, puzzle game is playable only on Nintendo Devices such as Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii. Magnetica features a resembling game-play and graphics to Zuma and lots of other big names of…

Candy Blast Mania
Good alternative game?

Candy Blast Mania is another fun filled Match-3 type Puzzle video game for all the fans of this specific genre. The game takes you on an amazing Candy Blasting adventure and lets you match a number of similar candies and complete a number of exciting game levels. As to complete…

Atlantis Sky Patrol
Good alternative game?

Atlantis Sky Patrol is a fantastic Match-3 and Puzzle video game, developed and published by Big Fish Games. The game features some beautiful colored balls rolling towards their destruction. Player hits the rolling balls with the ones he throws and stops the balls from reaching to the pit. With every…

Forest Mania
Good alternative game?

Forest Mania is a wonderful Free-to-Play Match-3 type of Puzzle and collecting video game that takes you to the world of beautiful adventures. As Freddy the Caveman is devastating the jungle by destroying the houses of beautiful jungle creatures, your task is to stop him from doing that by simply…

Garden Mania 2: Harvest Fall
Good alternative game?

Garden Mania 2: Harvest Fall is another cool Match-3 type Puzzle video game. The game features a similar game-play to a number of fantastic Match-3 games of the same genre and allows you to swap and match your way through exciting game levels. Your task in the game is to…

Luxor: Pharaoh’s Challenge
Good alternative game?

This super cool Zuma inspired game Luxor:Pharaoh’s Challenge is developed and published by MumboJumbo. Luxor:Pharaoh’s Challenge is a Match-3 type Puzzle and tile or balls matching game. With 3 sequels Luxor 2, Luxor 3 and Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife this game has earned a record profit. Game-play is almost similar…

FarmVille: Harvest Swap
Good alternative game?

FarmVille: Harvest Swap is a fantastic Free-to-Play Match-3 type Puzzle and collecting video game by Zynga. With a beautiful FarmVille theme, FarmVille: Harvest Swap allows you to swipe different farm objects such as Apples, Carrots, Water, Corn etc. match them with their similar objects and complete the levels in order…

StoneLoops! Of Jurassica
Good alternative game?

StoneLoops! Of Jurassica, created by CodeMinion and published by Game Club Cafe is a fast paced action, Match-3 and Puzzle video game. With multiple language options this game is available to play on  Windows, Apple Macintosh and iOS. StoneLoops! Of Jurassica is a lot like any other Zuma like game…

Good alternative game?

Sparkle is a marvelously fast paced Match-3 Puzzle video game developed and published by BigFish Games. This wonderful match 3 puzzle game offers an amazingly addictive Game-play, beautiful environment and sleek mechanics along with beautiful visuals. In the game, player shoots the orbs from orb slinger to pop three or…

Bejeweled 3
Good alternative game?

Bejeweled 3, by PopCap Games, is a great source of entertainment for all the Tile-matching or Match-3 type puzzle video games lovers. Bejeweled 3 is the third marvel of the multi-million dollar “Bejeweled” franchise. Released back in 2010, Bejeweled 3 offers loads of new features, new game modes, revamped HD…

Monster Busters
Good alternative game?

Monster Busters is a fun new Match-3 Puzzle video game by the top ranking developer PurpleKiwii. The game offers a typical Match-3 puzzle gameplay and similar mechanics to any other game of this particular genre. What’s different is that, instead of jellies, jewels, and candies, it features monsters. The players…

Book of Life: Sugar Smash
Good alternative game?

Book Of Life Sugar Smash is a beautiful Match-3 Puzzle video game by SGN Games. The game offers a gameplay inspired by the Animation movie names as “The Book of Life” and offers characters similar to the film. The players are tasked to help Manolo, Joaquin, and Maria collect all…

Pet Rescue Saga
Good alternative game?

Pet Rescue Saga is a beautiful Matc-3 Puzzle video game by King. The game offers a remarkably addictive and immersive gameplay in which it allows the players to save the beautiful Pet animals from the greedy Snatchers. The players can save the pets by matching 3 or more of the…

Bubble Witch Saga
Good alternative game?

Bubble Witch Saga is an exciting Match-3 type Puzzle video game from the creators of popular Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga, King. The game offers a chance to enjoy an enchanting Puzzle Adventure and help Stella, The Witch defeat all the dark forces that are engulfing the country…

Jewels Saga
Good alternative game?

Jewels Saga is a fantastic Match-3 Puzzle video game by Words Mobile. The game provides with the ultimate power of the magic and all the beautiful combinations that a player can make while playing the game. Jewels Saga allows the players to merge two or more of the same colored…

Diamond Dash
Good alternative game?

Diamond Dash is a brilliant Match-3 Puzzle video game by Wooga. The game offers a Super-fast gameplay in which the players can enjoy ultimate Sixty Second Match-3 puzzles and win a number of different competitions. The game focuses on Sixty Second matches and if the players are able to win…

Bubble Safari
Good alternative game?

Bubble Safari is a popular Match-3 type Puzzle and Social network video game by Zynga. The basic objective of the game is to help the Little Lost monkey named as Bubbles find his friends and reunite with them by solving a number of challenging match-3 type puzzles. According to the…

Luxor 2
Good alternative game?

Luxor 2 is an Action, Casual, Puzzle and Single-player video game created by MumboJumbo. It is the second entry in the series of Luxor. The game has over eighty-eight marvelous levels and takes place in the pyramid of Egypt. Your main task is to take aim and shoot on upcoming…

Chuzzle Deluxe
Good alternative game?

Chuzzle Deluxe is a Puzzle, Match-3 and Single-player video game created by Raptisoft Games and published by PopCap Games. The game offers an exciting gameplay, in which you must match at least three colored balls to remove them from 6*6 board and score the points. Each level filled with multi-colored…

Good alternative game?

Snood is an addictive, Puzzle, Match-3 and Single-player video game developed by Snood, LLC. The game takes place in various scenarios and has a set of challenging levels. The game becomes more challenging as you progress in it. The ultimate task is to smash all snoods by shooting other snoods.…

Jewel World Candy Edition
Good alternative game?

Jewel World Candy Edition is an addictive, Puzzle, Match-3 and Single-player video game by XenyGames Inc. The game takes place in different worlds, and each world has a set of levels that you must complete by combining the delicious soda to destroy the entire level and score the highest points.…

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