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50 Games Like Crusaders of Solaria

Crusaders of Solaria is a super fast-paced mix-up of MMORPG, Action-Adventure and Side-Scrolling elements. The game provides with a wide range of characters from different classes and allows you to choose one for yourself. You can start off your journey by selecting a specific path and sets of skills along with your choice of weapons. You can also create your own warrior guild, gather up a limited number of warriors with unique skills and fight against your enemies all together. A good number of enemy bosses makes the game more engaging. You can defeat enemy bosses and earn experience points that you can use to buy weapons, skills and other upgrades. Crusaders of Solaria also allows you to engage yourself in PvE and PvP events, endless wave modes and quest based adventures. For a great Action-Adventure filled MMORPG experience, you must play this game. You’ll like it for sure.

Eden Eternal
Good alternative game?

Eden Eternal is an amazing Browser-based Action-RPG, MMO and Adventure video game that revolves around the character of Crystal Child who gets trapped inside a blue crystal. With no memory of his past, Crystal Child tries to get out of the Crystal by exploring, interacting with objects, NPCs and other…

Elsword Online
Good alternative game?

Elsword Online is an Action-Adventure, Fantasy-based video game with MMORPG features developed by KOG Studios. The game provides you with an amazingly fast-paced action-packed game-play, skill based mechanics, PvE and PvP combat events, guild systems and a lot of adventures and quests to go on. The MMO feature of the…

AdventureQuest Worlds
Good alternative game?

AdventureQuest Worlds is an online MMORPG, Action-Adventure and a Fantasy based video game presented by Artix Entertainment. The game allows you to choose a player character for yourself from four classes such as Rogue, Mage, Warrior and Healer, get into the game world and fight off your enemies by the…

Good alternative game?

MapleStory is a freemium MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online – Role Playing Game) and fantasy video game developed by Wizet. The game allows you to get into the game world by selecting a best character for yourself and once you are inside the game world, you can explore the Maple World,…

Flyff Gold
Good alternative game?

Flyff Gold is a longest running 2D, Fantasy-based MMOPRG video game. The game wonderfully embeds a unique flying system into MMORPG game-play that allows you to explore the game world more conveniently and in less time. With a huge amount of different game locations, Flyff Gold provides with a number…

Drakensang Online
Good alternative game?

Drakensang Online is a super cool 3D Free-to-play Browser-based MMORPG video game that offers Turn-based Strategy environment and allows you to create your own player character, choose the best skills and abilities, get into the game world and go on a number of quests, explore the world around you and…

Epic Duel
Good alternative game?

Epic Duel is a brilliant Single-player MMORPG video game that focusses on PvP and PvE combat gaming. The game allows you to select and customize your player character and get into the Action-packed game-play, engage yourself into epic 1v1 or 2v2 PvP duels, defeat your opponents, enemies or other online…

Good alternative game?

RuneScape an award winning production of Jagex Games Studio is a fantasy based Massively Multiplayer Online – Role Playing Game (MMORPG) Available to play on Java and HTML 5 supported browser based platforms. With a strength of 200 million registered users, the game has won the Guinness World Record of…

Good alternative game?

Wartune, a joint venture by 7th Road and Kabam is a Free Massively Multiplayer Online – Role playing Game that takes place in High Fantasy world. The game provides with 3 unique classes of characters (Warriors, Mages, Archers), PvP, PvE, Solo and Co-op events, Your own Weapon and Item Crafting…

Crystal Saga
Good alternative game?

Crystal Saga is a Free-to-Play MMORPG video game that allows you to be a Winged Warrior who fights against the legions of enemies and monsters and is destined to be the glorious warrior and the ultimate savior of the humanity. Like all other MMOPRGs, Crystal Saga lets you select and…

Good alternative game?

Pirate101 is a Massively Multiplayer Online – Role Playing Game (MMORPG) video game by KingsIsle Entertainment. The game lets you be a heroic Pirate who goes on an amazing journey to find the treasure of Spiral, The Game Universe. Your task is to go on different quests/adventures, sail ships on…

Good alternative game?

Wizard101 is an addictive Free-to-Play MMORPG in which you can be a student of Witchcraft or Wizardry. Your task is to learn all kinds of Magic to save Spiral, the game universe. In order to complete, the objectives you’ll have to battle against your enemies in a turn-based combat environment.…

Nova Genesis
Good alternative game?

Nova Genesis developed by R2 Games is a Fantasy Based Online MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online – Role Playing Game) video game. As usual you’ll be advised to choose a suitable avatar for you from three choices such as Corsair, Wraith and Pyson with specific sets of skills and abilities. After…

Magerealm: Rise of Chaos
Good alternative game?

Magerealm: Rise of Chaos is one of the best Free Browser-based MMORPG video game. The game is set in a world where Humans, Angles and Monsters live together and they have one similar motive of eliminating all the demonic forces along with their Demon Masters. To complete the objectives of…

League of Angels
Good alternative game?

League of Angels is a Freemium Turn-Based Combat and Browser-based MMORPG video game with a Fantasy Theme. The game is created by Youzu Interactive and it allows you to choose a player character for yourself from a number of choices, engage yourself in Turn-Based Combats and defeat your enemies using…

Adventure Quest
Good alternative game?

Adventure Quest is a Free (One Time Guardianship Fee) Single-player MMORPG video game by Artix Entertainment. The game offers a traditional RPG experience and allows you to go fighting against the monsters, engage yourself into epic quests and Turn-based Combats, gain experience points, Gold and Z-Tokens, buy upgrades with all…

Conquer Online
Good alternative game?

Conquer Online is a Fantasy-based MMORPG and Action-Adventure masterpiece that is available to play on PC (Microsoft Windows) and Mac OS X. You can get into the game world by creating an online 3D avatar of yourself and you can choose a character that best describes your personality from a…

Lords Road
Good alternative game?

Lords Road is a Wonderful Free-to-Play MMORPG and Fantasy-based video game by AmzGames. The game allows you to be a brave warrior or a tremendous Mage to fight against the epic enemies for glory and for your country. With huge Siege battles, amazing Quests, splendid rewards, cool story-line and an…

Archlord 2
Good alternative game?

Archlord 2 is an Intense Medieval Era 3D Fantasy-based MMORPG video game by WEBZEN. The game is set in a Parallel Universe in a Medieval Era world and starts off from where it ended in the Archlord. Archlord 2 provides with four playable races such as Humans, Dragonscion, Orcs and…

Aion Online
Good alternative game?

Aion Online is one of the most played and well-liked Freemium MMORPG video game that actually introduced PvPvE style combats as the main part of Core game-play. This wonderful and critically acclaimed video game allows you to separately enjoy both PvP and PvE elements and engage yourself into amazing game-play…

Sword Art Online
Good alternative game?

Sword Art Online, From Japanese Origins is one of the Best MMORPG and Light Novel Series of 2012. Games in the series are all so wonderful that they have made their way to the top in recent years. Characters based on Manga and Anime, Graphic Novel representation, Different Futuristic, Past…

Cabal Online
Good alternative game?

Cabal Online is Freemium 3D MMORPG video game from Korean Origins. Developed by ESTSoft Corp, Cabal Online takes you to the devastated world of Nevareth and lets you be Faust, one of the eight survivors of the Cabal. Your task is to go against the evil forces that are plunging…

Good alternative game?

NosTale or The Tale of Nomads of Silver Spirit is a Free-to-Play Browser-based Action-Adventure and MMORPG video game. The game provides with a great number of player characters, classes and language support for various locations of the world. You start out as a normal adventurer whose only objective is to…

Grand Chase
Good alternative game?

Grand Chase is a Freemium Action-Adventure, Browser Based MMORPG and Side-Scrolling video game by KOG Studios. The game provides with an arcade style action-packed game-play in which you can take part in a co-operative environment. You can choose a player character for yourself from a good number of classes and…

Rainbow Saga
Good alternative game?

Rainbow Saga is an MMORPG, 2D Side-Scrolling and Browser-based video game. The game provides with great similarities to the popular Elsword and puts you into a best combination of Action and Adventure elements. Rainbow Saga allows you to explore a huge game world, interact with other online players, chat and…

Pockie Pirates
Good alternative game?

Pokie Pirates is a Free to Play Browser based Action-Adventure and MMORPG Video game that puts you into the character of a Pirate who gets tasked to explore the game world, interact with other online players, objects and fight against enemies by engaging himself into combats. Pokie Pirates allows you…

Dungeon Blitz
Good alternative game?

Dungeon Blitz is a free to play Browser Based, Fantasy MMORPG video game. The game is set in the Land of Ellyria and takes you there by a ship. Upon reaching the Ellyria you’ll have a lot of quests and adventures to engage yourself in. You can choose a player…

Hero Smash
Good alternative game?

Hero Smash is a Browser based, Free to play MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online – Role Playing Game) developed by Artix Entertainment. The game provides with a good amount of character creating and customizing options. You can create and customize your character, select your skills and get into the game world.…

Good alternative game?

Koyotl is an addictive and quite engaging Free-to-Play Browser-based MMORPG video game. The game is packed up with exciting quests and adventures, Epic battles, character selection and customization options and an immersive game-play and offers a wonderful Turn-based MMORPG experience. In order to defeat the enemies, Koyotl lets you use…

Therian Saga
Good alternative game?

If you love Exploring, Crafting and engaging into amazing Combats Therian Saga is developed just for you. Therian Saga is one of the most popular MMORPGs and offers an immersive game-play in which you can engage yourself into epic quests, Explore a huge game world, combat against a number of…

Dragon Heart Online
Good alternative game?

Dragon Heart Online is a great Turn-based Strategy, Free-to-Play MMORPG video game. The game sets you up into the character of a Lone Wanderer and allows you to create your own unit of finest warriors, go on some epic quests, capture Monsters, animals etc. to Tame and train them and…

Blade Hunter
Good alternative game?

Blade Hunter is another super Addictive and Immersive Free-to-Play Action-Adventure and MMORPG and video game. The game offers a unique combination of Brawling and Sword fight elements along with a number of quests and adventures. The game allows you to select player character from the given choices (Knights, Rogues, Valkyries…

Unlimited Ninja
Good alternative game?

Unlimited Ninja is a super engaging Browser-based Action-Adventure and MMORPG video game that allows you to create your own team of Ninjas and summon beasts and monsters while engaged in combats or on quests. With a massive online user base, Unlimited Ninja allows you to gather up your online friends,…

Lunaria Story
Good alternative game?

Lunaria Story is a wonderfully addictive and immersive 2D Side-Scrolling MMORPG video game that truly mimics the characteristics of a number of popular games of the similar type, Mechanics, game-play and lot of other elements are so much identical that it literally feels like playing MapleStory. Lunaria Story lets you…

Dragon Saga
Good alternative game?

Dragon Saga or known as Dragonica Online is another great Free-to-Play, 2D Side Scrolling, Action-Adventure and MMORPG video game. The game is mostly is based upon action combat system that offers a number of epic quests, dungeon crawling and exploration etc. along with boss battles, PvP and PvE combat events…

Dust: An Elysian Tail
Good alternative game?

Dust: An Elysian Tail is a wonderfully Immersive Action-Adventure and Side-Scrolling, Action-Adventure and MMORPG video game by Humble Hearts, LLC. The game lest you be a mysterious Warrior who travels to find out his true identity and wanders from quiet glades to snowy mountains, turns into an unstoppable force by…

Sword Saga
Good alternative game?

Sword Saga is a Freemium Browser-based video game that combines Action-Adventure, MMORPG, Turn Based Strategy and Fantasy elements together in a super amazing fashion. The game provides with a huge number of single and multiplayer quests and adventures and allows you experience an engaging and addictive game-play. Like other online…

DarkStar Risen
Good alternative game?

DarkStar Risen is a great Free-to-Play MMORPG video game that offers similarities to the popular Epic Duel. The game offers a brilliant resemblance to Diablo series games too and allows you to be the Ultimate Savior of your Home world that is under threat from alien creatures and all the…

Anime Saiyan
Good alternative game?

Anime Saiyan takes you directly to the popular Dragon Ball Z universe and allows you to have an immersive Browser-based MMORPG game-play experience. This brilliant game offers cool Turn-based Strategy and Action-Adventure filled game-play in which you act as a Warrior who travels back in time to warn about the…

Light of Darkness
Good alternative game?

Light of Darkness is a 3D Free-to-Play, Browser-based Action-Adventure MMORPG video game that offers amazing Turn-based Strategy environment and allows you to be a Heroic Time Traveler who travels back in time to save the world from an unseen devastation caused by the demons. With a number of character selection…

War Metal: Tyrant
Good alternative game?

War Metal: Tyrant is a Wonderful Free-to-Play Browser-based Action-Adventure and MMORPG, CCG (Collectible Card Game) built in Flash. The game allows you to enjoy both CCG and MMORPG aesthetics at the same time and engage yourself into an amazing game-play experience ever. War Metal: Tyrant sets you up as a…

Shadow Bound
Good alternative game?

Shadow Bound is another marvelous creation of R2 Games that provides with an amazing Action-Adventure, MMORPG, Strategy and Fantasy gaming experience. The story is a lot like Epic Duel and features Adventure and Quest driven game-play in which the game world is filled with surreal colors and settings. Shadowbound lets…

Eternal Saga
Good alternative game?

Eternal Saga is a brilliant Action-Adventure and MMORPG game that sets you up into the one and only peace keeper in your realm. Your task in the game is to select the best character for yourself, choose the best skills and abilities, explore a massive game world and all the…

Last Chaos
Good alternative game?

Last Chaos, developed and published by Aeria Games in collaboration with Gamigo is another Action-Adventure and Massively Multiplayer Online – Role Playing Game (MMORPG) available to play on PC (Microsoft Windows) only. As usual the game approves your admittance to the game world by creating a 3D avatar for you…

Sherwood Dungeon
Good alternative game?

Sherwood Dungeon, developed and published by Maid Merian is another Action-Adventure and Massively Multiplayer Online – Role Playing Game (MMORPG) available to play in a browser on PC (Microsoft Windows) Platform. The Game allows you to get inside the game world by creating and customizing a 3D avatar for yourself.…

Knight Online
Good alternative game?

Knight Online, a Freemium Action-Adventure and MMORPG video game developed by MGame Corporation and published by MGame, eGames, and NTT Games for Microsoft Windows only. Just like other online MMORPG video games, you get into the game world by choosing and decorating your online avatar. Once inside the game world…

Atlantica Online
Good alternative game?

Atlantica Online, developed by Ndoors and purchased by Nexon Corporation is a Freemium and 3D MMORPG video game with Action-Adventure and fantasy elements. This turn based strategy video game is available to play on PC (Microsoft Windows) gaming platform. You get into the role of an Atlantean descendant of the…

Dragon Eternity
Good alternative game?

Dragon Eternity is a cross platform Action-Adventure and MMORPG, Strategy and a Free browser-based video game that takes you to an amazing quest and adventure filled game-play. The game focuses on the ongoing war between two empires Sadar and Vaalor and allows you to choose a side to fight for,…

Knight’s Fable
Good alternative game?

Knight’s Fable, powered by R2 Games is a Free, Browser-based MMORPG and Strategy video game that takes you to an epic journey of amazing quests and adventures. Just like any other MMORPG games out there, you get to pick an avatar for yourself, get into the game and start fighting…

Might and Magic: Heroes Online
Good alternative game?

Might and Magic: Heroes Online is another marvel into the line of Browser-based Action-Adventure and MMO and RPGs that lets you enjoy the best 2D graphics and offers wonderfully enhanced mechanics and makes the game-play more engaging. First off the game lets you decide about what side you want to…

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