43 Games Like Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker is probably one of the best clicking/Tapping and incremental video game. This Free-to-play, Online Idle Clicker video game lets you be a Baker who wants to fill the whole universe with cookies created by him. Your task is to bake as much cookies as you can and fulfill your dream. The cookies are made by clicking so you’ll have to click on a mega cookie on the left side of your screen and gather up a lot of money to buy upgrades and other exciting things. You can buy Prisms, Labs, Grandmas, Clickers, Farms, etc. by simply spending your earned money. The bought and installed upgrades will eventually grow the numbers of cookie production and you’ll get richer to conquer the whole universe by Clicking. Cookie Clicker provides with a super cool and smooth game-play along with best visuals and easy interface. For a great Idle Clicker gaming experience, you must play this game. It’s a blast.

Bitcoin Billionaire
Good alternative game?

Bitcoin Billionaire is a super engaging and challenging game in which you can be a billionaire by producing the Bitcoins. After selecting your avatar, you can start clicking on the coins and multiply them until you think is okay to stop. With the time spent and proper upgrades, the bitcoin…

Tap Titans
Good alternative game?

Tap Titans is one of the best new Idle Clicker games and allows you to mix up RPG features with Tap gaming. The game provides you with a good number of Tap Titan heroes. You can choose one for yourself and get into the game to tap and kill your…

Clicker Heroes
Good alternative game?

Clicker Heroes is a wonderful Idle Clicker, Indie and Strategy-based video game similar to a number of good Clicker and tapping video games. The game allows you to simply click on the Monsters, kill them and loot their Gold, Spend that Gold to buy new heroes and start killing more…

Adventure Capitalist
Good alternative game?

Adventure Capitalist is the dream come true for all those who want to be Business Tycoons. This brilliant Idle Clicker/Tapper allows you to start up your business from a single Lemonade Stand. Keep on tapping on the Lemonade Stand Progress bar, earn money and start investing into other businesses. Keep…

The Monolith
Good alternative game?

The Monolith is another idle clicker video game that deeply resembles Cookie Clicker and provides with a similar game-play, mechanics and visuals along with a very addictive game-play. Your duty is to just click, click and click on the egg like figure on the left side of your screen. You…

Virtual Beggar
Good alternative game?

Virtual Beggar spawns you as a beggar and allows you to generate enough money by tapping to create a business empire. You can make money by simply tapping on the buildings and other things on your screen, and by begging from the people passing by. If they are generous enough,…

Time Clickers
Good alternative game?

Time Clickers is a great Idle Clicker/Tapper video game by Proton Studio Inc. The game offers a brilliant and addictive game-play and lets you collect Gold, Upgrade your clicks and weapons or simply hire teams of elite shooters in order to defeat the enemies. Besides enemies, Time Clickers lets you…

Sakura Clicker
Good alternative game?

Sakura Clicker is a wonderful Idle Clicker/Tapper video game by Winged Cloud. The game allows you to click on different anime-based girl characters, lower their health by fighting them off and earn coins. The coins can be used to hire more help to multiply the clicking power and damaging the…

Cookie Collector 2
Good alternative game?

Cookie Collector 2 offers a similar game-play to Cow Clicker and allows you to build your own bakery where you can bake cookies and get rich by selling them. With tons of totally unique cookies, amazing upgrades and loads of entertaining things, Cookie Collector 2 lets you grow bigger and…

Clicker Wars
Good alternative game?

Clicker Wars is a cool video game that amalgamates RPG and Idle Clicking/Tapping elements all together in a very beautiful manner. The game leaves you in a wonderfully beautiful world filled with countless monsters, heroes and huge piles of riches. Your task is to simply tap on the restless monsters…

Cow Clicker
Good alternative game?

Cow Clicker is a wonderful and addictive Incremental Clicking/Tapping video game playable on iOS and Facebook only. It allows you to buy a Cow and keep on clicking it to earn money that will help you buy more cows and upgrades. You keep on clicking on the cows to earn…

Clicker Monsters: Tap to Kill
Good alternative game?

Clicker Monsters: Tap to Kill takes you to an enchanted world filled with all kinds of monsters and allows you to challenge them simply via tapping on them and let them fight for you. The game-play bases upon how fast you tap on your screen and allows you to enjoy…

Tap Hero: War of Clicker
Good alternative game?

Tap Hero: War of Clicker is a fun RPG and Fantasy-based Idle Clicker/Tapper video game. The game allows you to be a Hero who alone stands against the hordes of the monsters who are trying to free their masters from the curse of the Crystals. Your task in the game…

Candy Box
Good alternative game?

Candy Box is a fun Incremental (Clicking/tapping) video game by a French creator named as Aniway. The game offers simple ASCII art style and allows the players to enjoy the game in a browser online. With a very simple gameplay, Candy Box allows the players to enjoy the game by…

Clicker: Mining Block
Good alternative game?

Clicker: Mining Block is an exciting and addictive Idle Clicking and Tapping video game that offers a totally fantastic mechanics, game-play and visuals. The game leaves you right in the middle of a 2D world where your task is to click/tap on the blocks to break them and keep on…

Candy Box 2
Good alternative game?

Candy Box 2 is the Sequel to the popular and simplistic Incremental game Candy Box. The game is developed by the same developer and it offers a more engaging and involving gameplay as ever. Candy Box 2 offers ASCII Art style and allows the players to enjoy a truly entertaining…

Cow Evolution
Good alternative game?

Have you ever played any game that lets you mutate cows? Well if not then you can do that in Cow Evolution by taping on any two cows and mutating them into a more evolved and enhanced form. Cow Evolution lets you experience both clicker and management games on the…

Weapon Clicker CS GO
Good alternative game?

Weapon Clicker CS GO is a cool Idle Clicking and Tapping video game that allows you to arm yourself with the finest weapons. Your task is simply to open up the cases filled with different types of weapons and their skins, collect them by tapping on them and store them…

Candy Clicker Pro
Good alternative game?

Candy Clicker Pro is a superb Online, Free-to-play Idle Clicker video game that sets you up into the character of a Candy Magnate who wants to build a massive candy empire by Clicking. To conquer your dreams, you must hire a lot of workers, marketers, and shippers to move your…

Kitty Cat Clicker
Good alternative game?

Kitty Cat Clicker is a free-to-play Idle Clicker game for all the cat lovers out there around the globe. You can play this game on you iOS devices and enjoy the amazingly addictive game-play. The only objective of the game is to feed the hungry Cat Queen and to feed…

Sushi Clickers
Good alternative game?

Sushi Clickers is another great inclusion to the genre of Idle Clicker games and allows you to experience an amazingly fast-paced and engaging game-play. This endless clicker game is available to play on Android and iOS devices and allows you to click or tap into the center of your device…

Idle Town
Good alternative game?

Idle Town is an addictive Idle Clicking/Tapping game by Wip Games. It allows you to build your own massive Empire by simply building Coffee Shops and Ice Cream Vans. You can do all the stuff in Idle Town by simply Tapping on your smart phone’s screens, earn Idle Coins by…

RPG Clicker
Good alternative game?

RPG Clicker is an Incremental RPG and Fantasy Based Idle Clicker/Tapper video game by Epic Pixel, LLC. Instead of Dungeon Crawling, RPG Clicker allows you to target your enemies by simply tapping on them, use weapons, find epic Loots, discover powerful Spells and use them against the enemies to kill…

Sword King
Good alternative game?

Sword King is another great Incremental Idle Clicker/Tapper video game that beautifully combines RPG and Idle gaming aesthetics. The game allows you to be a skilled Sword King, slay giant monsters and craft powerful and magical swords, gain epic rewards such as gold and loads of upgrades and enjoy being…

Good alternative game?

Do you want to be a billionaire and build a massive business empire of your own? Well you can be that in Billionaire is a Free-to-play Idle Clicker/Tapper video game. You get to start with a limited amount in your hands but as you keep on advancing in the pursuit…

Karma Clicker: Devil Adventure
Good alternative game?

Karma Clicker: Devil Adventure is another fun Idle Clicker/Tapper video game similar to a lot of big names of the genre. The game allows you to make the world around you a better place by simply tapping and clicking and powering yourself up by summoning help from the devils. You…

Tap Tap Infinity
Good alternative game?

Tap Tap Infinity is a wonderful new incremental and Idle Clicking / tapping video game that combines Action and RPG elements with the Idle Clicking and provides with a uniquely marvelous game-play and mechanics. The game sets you up as a Hero and tasks you to kill the attacking enemies…

Platypus Evolution
Good alternative game?

Platypus Evolution, a cool Idle clicking and tapping video game that allows you to play the game with Platypus and earn a lot of coins and other upgrades etc. The game lets you tap rapidly on the Platypus and generate coins to buy upgrades and earn more coins. According to…

Make It Rain: Love of Money
Good alternative game?

Have you ever experienced the rain of money? Well this game Make It Rain: Love of Money takes you to an amazing world of riches and wonders where you can collect money falling like rain and be as rich as you want. The game lets you earn money, invest it…

Pocket Mine
Good alternative game?

Pocket Mine takes you to an amazing digging adventure and lets you get rich by digging and collecting the unseen treasures hidden beneath the earth. The game lets you dig deep into the earth and find treasures and collect them by tapping on them. You can move in all directions…

Beat Bop: Pop Star Clicker
Good alternative game?

Beat Bop: Pop Star Clicker is a unique Clicker and Single-player video game that mixes fresh beats with tapping. The game focuses on Music and lets you a chance to become a superstar and adopt thousands of crazy fans. Your ultimate task is to collect money by tapping on the…

Idle Online Universe
Good alternative game?

Idle Online Universe is a Massively Multiplayer Online, Browser-based, and Idle Clicker Simulation. The game includes brilliant gameplay, in which the player has to eliminate different monsters to clear the objectives. To get into the game world, the player has to sign up with registered account and provide his nickname.…

RuneScape: Idle Adventures
Good alternative game?

RuneScape: Idle Adventures is an addictive, Idle Clicker, Role-playing, F2P, and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Hyper Hippo Games. The game is set in the Universe of RuneScape full of quests, loot, and NPCs. The universe consists of classic locations and revolves around ancient conflict. According to the…

Shonen Idle Z
Good alternative game?

Shonen Idle Z is a F2P, Adventure, Idle Clicker, 2D and Single-player video game created and published by Zakos Games. The game offers an exciting gameplay and lets the player take on the role of the hero and save your world from evil named Kurowashi and his monster’s army. Create…

Hero Zero
Good alternative game?

Hero Zero is an Addictive, Role-playing, Idle Clicker, and Adventure video game created by Playata GmbH. To get into the game world, the player needs to create and customize his/her character choosing ahair style, eyecolor, skin color, nose type, accessories and more. The game mixes the elements of MMORPG and…

Epic Dungeon Adventure
Good alternative game?

Epic Dungeon Adventure is an Adventure, Role-playing, Pixel Arts, and Single-player video game developed by Momeg. The game takes place in the fictional forest and puts you in the role of the protagonist. The forest is full of monsters and other creatures. Your primary job is to navigate the environment…

Stupid Clicker Game
Good alternative game?

Stupid Clicker Game is a Puzzle, Idle Clicker and Single-player video game developed and published by New Grounds. The game offers a simple gameplay, in which you just tap the button to earn dollars and upgrade features. The playfield consists of a red-colored button, a menu option and a cursor.…

Clicker Monsters
Good alternative game?

Clicker Monsters adds a whole lot of fun to the popular Idle Tapping/Clicking video games as it takes you to a beautiful and enchanted world where it allows you to challenge a number of types of monsters by simply tapping on them. To win any specific fight against any monster,…

Good alternative game?

Plantera is an addictive Pixel Graphic, Idle Clicker, and 2D Farming Simulation developed and published by VaragtP. The game has an exciting gameplay and combines the elements of Side-scroll and Role-playing. You can create your dream garden, in which you can grow new plants, trees, bushes, and can take care…

Cookie Clicker 2
Good alternative game?

Cookie Clicker 2 by PixelCube Studios Inc. is a long awaited sequel to the popular Cookie Clicker video game. The game offers enhanced visual details, revamped mechanics and more exciting things that will definitely drown you right into the stunning gameplay. Just like the Cookie Clicker game, you are destined…

Taps to Riches
Good alternative game?

Taps to Riches is a fantastic game, enabling the players to create their beautiful cities in their styles. The game brings a brand new Idle Clicker, Strategy and Puzzle gameplay for those players who want to create their cities to rule. It takes place in the fantastic world and lets…

Good alternative game?

CivCrafter is an addictive Idle Clicker, Strategy and Single-player video game with RTS elements developed and published by Naquatic LLC for Android and iOS. The game brings an exciting gameplay for those who love playing Idle Clicker games and offers an opportunity to create their unique kingdom. Recruit armies, equip…

Drug Wars
Good alternative game?

Drug Wars is a Strategy and Single-player video game developed and published by Deep Thoughts Software for iOS. The game offers a wonderful gameplay that you have never seen before. During the game, you will experience the role of an unemployed person, who is kicked out from the house of…


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