5 Best Games Similar to Infinity Blade

Infinity Blade developed and published by “Chair Entertainment” and “Epic Games” is a very first RPG (Role Playing Game) and action-fighting game that runs on “Unreal Engine”. The unnamed protagonist in the game fights countless one on one fights and…

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5 Games Similar To Flappy Bird

Who isn’t familiar with “Flappy Bird”? A side-scroller “Android and iOS” game that forced people to beak their devices out of frustration was developed by “Dong Nguyen” a Vietnam based programmer and it was published by the “Gears Studios”. The…

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Top 5 Games Like Mass Effect

Mass Effect is an Action RPG (Role Playing Game) and a 3rd person shooter game series Developed by “BioWare” and published by “Microsoft Game Studios” in collaboration with “Electronic Arts (EA)”. This absolutely advanced science fiction game was first launched…

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7 Best Alternatives To Zuma

Zuma, tile or balls matching puzzle and match 3 game is developed by “Oberon Media” and published by “Xbox Live Arcade”. This fast paced and really addicting game is available on multiple platforms like PC (Microsoft windows), Mac OS X,…

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6 Best Alternatives To Gravity Guy

“Gravity Guy” a great endless runner, action-arcade and side scroller game is developed and published by “Miniclip”. This super cool game provides a player with an addicting and quite engaging gameplay, super awesome graphics and single & multiplayer gaming options….

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5 Best Games Like Just Cause 2

Games like Just Cause 2 are rarely developed and that’s why there are a few games that actually provide a player with the same gaming experience as “Just Cause 2”. Just Cause 2, developed by “Avalanche Studios” and published by…

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5 Best Games Like The Sims

“The Sims”, a life simulation and strategy game is developed by “Maxis” and published by “Electronic Arts (EA)”. The game is an amazing simulation of daily life events of virtual person(s) living in the “Sim City”. The player can build…

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6 Best Games Like Tomb Raider

“Tomb Raider” Originally developed in 1996 by “Crystal Dynamics” proved its worldwide prominence and likeness among action game enthusiasts. This mighty Action and Adventure video game ended up with a lot of world famous sequels and spin-offs. Recently in 2013…

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7 Games Similar to Angry Birds

“Angry Birds” a mighty physics based video game franchise is created by “Rovio Entertainment”. With a worldwide fame and recognition, this wonderful game series includes 10 main games and 2 Spin-offs along with “Angry Birds Trilogy”. Books, Comics and movies…

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5 More Games Like GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience

“GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience” is an amazing and thrilling car racing game. Developed and published by “GameLoft”, “GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience” provides an addicting and engaging gameplay with a collection of cars from 30…

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