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26 Games Like Monument Valley

Monument Valley developed by an indie game company Ustwo is a puzzle video game in which you get to lead princess Ida through impossible puzzles, objects and a game world full of mazes and optical illusions. The game world is based on Sacred Geometrical Maps and provides with an amazing Isometric View. The task that the game puts you in is to explore the game world, interact with objects and find hidden passageways for Princess Ida to exit the realm of illusions. Monument Valley provides with ten exciting levels of puzzle all based upon different central mechanisms and characteristics. The moving platforms, animals like pillars, color changing environments, and the Crow People are all the out of this world things that make this game different from others. Monument Valley is one of the best Android and iOS video games that lets you experience an amazing game-play, designed to make you feel amazing while playing this super addicting and engaging game. Monument valley offers beautiful visual details along with a great story and an immersive gameplay to enjoy.

Ghosts of Memories
Good alternative game?

Ghosts of Memories is an epic Adventure, Physics-based Puzzle and Platform video game by Paplus International sp. Zo.o. The game takes you to a stunningly beautiful and quite fantastic environment consisting of Four different worlds, where your task is to explore lands once ruled by the Ancient Civilizations. The lands…

Evo Explores
Good alternative game?

Evo Explores is a fantastic new Indie Puzzle and Platform video game developed by Kyrylo Kuzyk. The game draws inspiration from the popular Monument Valley video game and offers a similar type of gameplay and mechanics. With all the Gravity Defying and Physics denying aspects, Evo Explores lets you control…

Back to Bed
Good alternative game?

Back to Bed is a fantastic 3D puzzle Platform and Physics based video game developed by Bedtime Digital games. The game offers a surreal and quite twisted story and features the character of Bob, an unlucky and narcoleptic being who loves to sleep during his office hours and while he…

Good alternative game?

Limbo is an award winning Puzzle-Platform and Action-Adventure video game by PlayDead. The game offers wonderfully immersive game-play and lets you enjoy a Side-Scrolling marvel in which your task is to be a little kid, travel through a dark jungle, solve a number of puzzles in order to carry on…

Outside World
Good alternative game?

Outside World is a masterpiece if we talk about some really good Adventure-based Platform and Puzzle video games. Outside World developed by Little Thingie derives inspiration from the top Tier Monument valley and offers a similar type of gameplay with all the challenging puzzles and an enigmatic game setting. The…

Good alternative game?

This breathtaking masterpiece, Wonderputt takes you to a wonderful floating game world that consists of sand dunes, Hilltops filled with snow, Structures based on amazing and impossible geometric shapes, and stones. The game lets you play eighteen hole mini golf and enjoy living on this surreal island. Your only purpose…

Adventures of Poco Eco: Lost Sounds
Good alternative game?

Adventures of Poco Eco: Lost Sounds is a beautifully designed video game by Possible Games that offers a beautiful adventure-based exploratory experience for all the puzzle Platform enthusiasts. The game features the character of Poco Eco, a curious and quite adventurous explorer who goes on an epic journey to find…

Good alternative game?

Skyward is a brilliant new addition to the always trending Adventure and Puzzle Platform genre. The game is deeply inspired by the popular Monument Valley video game and that is why it offers a gameplay and environment much similar to the Monument valley. However, Skyward offers a totally different game…

Good alternative game?

NightSky by Nicalis is a beautifully created Action, Adventure and Puzzle Platform video game that offers a Limbo like gaming experience. The game allows you to enjoy a graphical masterpiece in which you are required to go through the world as a Ball (a dark sphere), traverse through an environment…

Lara Croft GO
Good alternative game?

Lara Croft GO puts your favorite character into another guise just to offer you more variety and fun all together. This fantastic game is basically a brilliantly developed Adventure-based Puzzle Platformer that takes you to the forgotten worlds where you are tasked to explore the Ancient Ruins of long lost…

Good alternative game?

EchoChrome is a Playstation Specific title that offers a series of unique and quite challenging puzzles and allows you to enjoy all the brilliant elements such as Action, Adventure and platform at the same time. The game offers realistic and rotatable physics based levels all filled up with challenges that…

Good alternative game?

Windosill is a Brilliant Puzzle-Platform and Adventure video game developed by Vectorpark. The game offers a fantastic Physics-driven game-play and takes you to a world built with multiple paintings and drags you deeply into the realm of twisted wonders. Everything you’ll see in the game world, is tangible and can…

Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP
Good alternative game?

Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP is a Graphic Action-Adventure, Puzzle-Platformer and indie video game by Caypybara Games. The game revolves around the character of Scythia and allows you to be part of the two super amazing worlds, one is the real world and the other is a dream world. You…

Dream Machine: The Game
Good alternative game?

Dream Machine: The Game is an Amazing, Action, Puzzle-Platform, and Single-player video game created and published by GameDigits Ltd. The game provides you with unique gameplay and lets you immerse yourself in puzzle solving experience. The game consists of various optical illusion puzzles and lets you solve it. In the…

Device 6
Good alternative game?

Device 6, developed by Simogo is a Text-based Puzzle and Adventure video game that guides you to escape an unknown island by the use of texts, images and sounds and lets you solve different puzzles. You get to play the game as the protagonist Anna who is trapped on the…

Good alternative game?

Fez is another marvel in the Physics-based Puzzle and Adventure gaming genre. The game revolves around the character of Gomez, a 2D creature living in a 2D world happily until the 3rd dimension and all its mysteries are revealed to him. Out of curiosity, Gomez embarks on a journey to…

The Room
Good alternative game?

The Room is a 3D Puzzle video game by Fireproof Games. The game offers a brilliant and challenging game-play in which you go through a number of Boxes built using the complex physical mechanisms. Your task is simply to find out the clues and possible solutions to open up the…

There You Go
Good alternative game?

There You Go is a 3D, Puzzle and Single-player video game created by Octogear Games. The game is available to play on Android and combines the elements of an isometric puzzle with inventive puzzles and stylish graphics. Your primary task is to explore the labyrinth of rooms and solve complex…

Good alternative game?

Mekorama is an Amazing, 3D, Action, Puzzle-Platform, and Single-player video game developed and published by Martin Magni. The game provides you with a fantastic and incredible gameplay, in which you can control a Robot, and must solve the various puzzles to progress in the game. The game lets you immerse…

Good alternative game?

QBert is an Arcade, Puzzle and Single-player video game available to play on Cross Platform released by Sideline Amusement. The game takes place in the Pixel graphics superb world and introduces two different modes such as Classic Arcade and QBert Rebooted. There are a variety of levels and each levels…

Echochrome II
Good alternative game?

Echochrome II is a Puzzle and Single-player video game developed by Japan Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for PlayStation 3 platform only. It is the sequel to the Echochrome video game released in 2008. The game offers a unique twist and allows the player use his imagination to…

Mr. Crab
Good alternative game?

Mr. Crab is an Arcade, Adventure and Single-player video game with a twist. The game takes place in the stunning world and introduces a series of levels. The game puts you in the role of the Mr. Crab, who must jump his way to the reach the top of the…

Monument Valley 2
Good alternative game?

Monument Valley 2 serves as the sequel to Monument Valley and brings new exciting gameplay with improved mechanics, gameplay, and pleasant soundtracks. It is a Puzzle, Top-down isometric Perspective and Single-player video game created and published by Ustwo Games. The emotional story of the game, revolving around a mother named…

Magic Flute
Good alternative game?

Magic Flute is one amazingly addictive and quite exciting Adventure based Physics and Puzzle video game created by LabLike Sp. Zo.o. The game takes you back to the lavish Mozart Classic Opera and throws you right into an enchanted world of wonders, filled with all kinds of challenging puzzles. As…

Hitman GO
Good alternative game?

Hitman GO is a fantastic Adventure, Puzzle Platform, Turn-based Strategy and a brilliant Action game that takes you to the beautiful Hitman universe inspired game world where you’ll have to navigate strategically in order to eliminate your enemies and to solve some really challenging and difficult puzzles. The game offers…

Qbert: Rebooted
Good alternative game?

Qbert: Rebooted is an Arcade, and Single-player video game for multiple platforms developed and published by Sideline Amusement. The game features one new playable character and two new modes to make the gameplay more thrilling. There are lots of levels, and each level offers an exciting gameplay, in which the…


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