Unblock 3D Puzzle


Games Like Unblock 3D Puzzle for PC

#1 Unblock Me FREE


Unblock Me FREE is a Fun, Puzzle, and Single-player video game developed by Kiragames for multiple platforms. Throughout the game, the player finds limited blocks on the screen with the goal to remove the red block in the middle. The player needs to slide the blocks one by one and, in the end, trash the red one.

The game has 400 levels where initial levels are so easy that a kid can solve them, but the advanced ones will give an expert a hard time. Every time a player finishes a level, the game will give him score points based on the number of moves he has made. To achieve the maximum range of stars, the player has to consume the least possible moves. Unblock Me FREE has core features such as 400 Levels, Addictive Gameplay, Scoring Points, and Simple Controls.