State of Decay


Games Like State of Decay for Nintendo Wii

#1 Bully


Bully is 2006’s one of the most famous and critically acclaimed Open-World Action-Adventure and RPG video game by Rockstar Games. The game features James “Jimmy” Hopkins as the one true hero who stands up against all the Bullies at Bullworth Academy, efforts hard to bring peace and to save all the ones who are weaker against all the bullies. Bully offers a Third-person perspective and allows you to navigate through the game world mostly on foot, Cycle or Skateboard. Your task is to get into the role of Jimmy, get admitted into the Bullworth Academy, Find out all the bullies and let them learn the hardest lessons by making them stop bullying. In order to complete the game objectives, you can use whatever means you want, bring peace in the Academy and be the one true savior of all the bullied. Besides your Bully hunting routines, you must also attend classes, hang out with your friends and just be the normal student. Bully offers a multiplayer mode for the game in which you can compete with any of the players for higher rankings. With an amazing chance to become a hero and the respected one among the town groups, Bully offers a wonderful and immersive game-play, a fantastic storyline along with awesome visuals. Do give it a try if you haven’t yet and enjoy kicking bullies.