Mystic Warriors


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#1 Wild West C.O.W.: Boys of Moo Mesa


Wild West C.O.W.: Boys of Moo Mesa is an Arcade, Side-scroll, Shooting and Single-player video game developed and published by Konami. The game comes with exciting gameplay loosely based on huge forgotten cult cartoon series. It paces the player in the role of the cowboy and is tasked to kill enemies to earn points. There are many levels available with increasing difficulty, and the player has to complete each one by accomplishing the objectives. According to the plot, the world where the player lives is in danger, and now, it’s up to the player to save the beautiful land from a corrupt evil named Sheriff Terrorbull. The game uses the run and gun elements where the player is equipped with a basic weapon like a gun which he can use to take down enemies as well as their bosses to advance through the game. It offers a variety of weapons such as a machine gun, a power-up, a flying punch, a thunderbolt, and more. The player has a shield which he can use to defend against enemy attacks. With prominent features, superb mechanics, and good graphics, Wild West C.O.W.: Boys of Moo Mesa is the best game to play.