Games Like for PS3

#1 Eufloria


Eufloria is a Physics-based Action-Adventure, Puzzle-Platform and Sci-Fi video game by Omni Systems Limited. Set in a revolutionary space world, Eufloria features the protagonist who assumes the role of a Commander of different interstellar beings called Euflorians. Euflorians collect their resources from the asteroids and the commander uses different units of Euflorians to solve different Puzzles and connect the asteroids by the Seedlings grown on the trees of Dyson. Seedlings, on asteroids grow with the time and produce more Dyson Trees and the Dyson Trees produce more seedlings with different qualities and abilities. The commander collects all the flowers, defensive trees and other created units to use them as their defenses against the enemies. The game offers a marvelous blend of RTS and Action-Adventure, Puzzle-Platform elements along with eye-catching graphics, unique and easy user interface and countless other great features.