Miner Ultra Adventures


Games Like Miner Ultra Adventures for Linux

#1 SteamWorld Dig


SteamWorld Dig is an Action-Adventure, Platform and Single-player Mining video game with Metroidvania developed and published by Image and Form. The game cast you in the role of the protagonist named as Rusty, a lone mining steam-bot who arrives at an old town. It takes place in the underground environment, and your task is to dig the old earth, search valuables while unearthing the threat. Steampunk and Western themes inspire the game, and the game introduces an underground world full of terrors, treasure, and mysteries. It consists of a variety of levels, and each level offers a challenging gameplay with challenging objectives. Control the character and start navigating the environment from side-scroll view, avoid hurdles, unleash power-ups and find treasure to progress through the game. Use your points to unlock further content in the game and become the master. SteamWorld Dig offers prominent features such as a Rich World, Underground Environment, Human Civilization, Degenerated Races, and more. SteamWorld Dig is the best Platform game to play and enjoy.