Minecraft: Switch Edition


Games Like Minecraft: Switch Edition for iOS

#1 Deepworld


Deepworld is a Massive Multiplayer Online, 2D Crafting, Adventure and Sandbox video game developed and published by Bytebin. The game takes place in the breathtaking environment and puts the player in the building experience. In the game, the player needs to craft and mine his way through an online Universe where he always found something new to discover. The player uses a variety of tools to craft multiple items and create shelters to progress. He needs to find his way through caves, mountains, and ruins full of valuables and danger. During the gameplay, the player can discover and craft different of items using the easy inventory system of Deepworld. To build a beautiful cityscape, the player can use his collection of tools, items, and blocks to progress. The world is populated with hundreds of players from across the world, and the player can interact with them, and compete against in PvP arenas. Explore the environment to locate the lost pieces of technology, restore the environment and decorate his land to make it beautiful. Deepworld offers key features such as a variety of Objectives, Mine and Craft Hundreds of Items, Multiple Weapons, PvP Fight, Earn Skills and XP Points, 2D Adventure and more. Deepworld is the excellent game compared to other Sandbox games.


#2 Junk Jack


Junk Jack is a brilliant Action-Adventure, Crafting and Sandbox video game created and published by Pixbits for multiple platforms. Like other Crafting and Sandbox games, Junk Jack has no clear objectives with no particular plot. The player has an ability to create his storyline based on his experience. The game comprises collectible items to traverse to other lands to perform various tasks. It takes place in the procedurally generated world filled with thousands of new content to discover, craft to learn, loot to equip and monster to fight. The world contains more than twelve planets and each with hand-crafted environments. Both Single-player and Multiplayer modes are available to play alone or with friends. The game offers a chance to the player to unleash is creativity and build anything he can imagine. It has tons of decorations, objects, and blocks to place. Day/night and dynamic weather system are also introduced in the game. Junk Jack offers core features such as two different Styles Crafting, Deep Electronic System, Online Multiplayer, Hundreds of Objects, Travel between 12 Planets and more. Try it out, and you’ll love it.


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