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7 Games Like Jet Grind Radio

Jet Grind Radio offers a fantastic blend of Action, Platform, and Sports gameplay elements and supports only Single-player mode, developed by Smilebit and published by Sega for Multiple Platforms. The game features a 3D world where it takes place, and the background story revolves around a gang of youths. In the beginning, the player is capable of selecting his favorite character from the gang and must skate through the streets of the fictional Tokyo, spraying graffiti while evading the authorities. It acts as the first title to use cel-shaded graphics, providing players with cartoon-like appearance. There are several stages, and each stage offers an open world environment where the player can move freely with an aim to complete the objectives within the time limit. New playable characters are unlocked as the player completes the objectives in trick battles. Jet Grind Radio includes key features such as Classic Beats, New Characters, Insane Tricks, 3D Open World, and more. Check it out, if you know how to perform stunts on a skateboard.

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2. Trickstyle

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Trickstyle is a Sports, Single-player and Multiplayer video game developed by Criterion Games for Microsoft Windows. Taking place in the future, the game lets the player to partake in stunt-filled races through Manhattan, Tokyo, and London, or inside the huge arena, known as the Velodrome. The game enables players to…

3. BHunter

BHunter takes place in the Cyberpunk-themed world where the player as a driver must face off rivals on the track. The game offers the perfect blend of Action, Third-person Perspective, Driving, and Shooting gameplay elements developed by Midas Interactive and published by InterActive. It takes place in the year 2008…

4. Rollcage Stage II

Rollcage Stage II is a Single-player Racing video game created by Attention to Detail and published by Midway Games. The game acts as the sequel to Rollcage and introduces modern vehicles equipped with weapons which the player can pick up on the track as a bonus. While racing against rivals,…

5. Collateral

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Collateral is a Cyberpunk-themed, Racing, Single-player and Multiplayer Vehicular Combat video game with an emphasis on Action elements developed by Dancing Dinosaur Games. The game mainly deals with Third-person vehicular combat gameplay, taking place in the dystopian of New Bedlam. Assuming the role of the protagonist named Zack Edgewater, the…

6. Beam Breakers

Beam Breakers is a perfect mix of Driving, Racing, and Action gameplay elements developed by Simils Software GmbH and published by JaWood Productions. The game takes you in the futuristic sci-fi world and leaves you to show off your driving skills. There are over fifty-one challenging missions available in the…

7. Robo Pit

Robo Pit is a Single-player, and Multiplayer Fighting video game developed and published by Altron for PlayStation. The game takes place in the 3D environment where the player can move freely. The main object of the player is to create a robot and then partake in the fight to the…

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