Galactic Pinball

Games Like Galactic Pinball

#1 Pure Pinball 2 REDUX


Pure Pinball 2 REDUX is a Casual, Adventure, and Single-player video game developed by Legendo Entertainment. Throughout the game, the player controls a pinball where the main goal is to hit the ball towards up using a bat at the bottom of the screen. The game is very addictive, and the player does not have to roam here and there for the weapons.

The game contains three different tables with unique themes such as racing, war, and trains. Each of the themes features multiple flippers and special game modes. The player can view the table from any of 12 different camera setups, for example, complete overview, ball close-up, ball follow, or traditional scrolling style. The game features real-time 3D graphics to view the ball clearly on the board.

#2 Pokémon Pinball


Pokémon Pinball is an Adventure, Pinball, and Single-player video game developed by Nintendo. Throughout the game, the player has to get control over a pinball, and the primary mission is to get high points. The game has two colored tables, such as Red-colored and Blue-colored. Each table has different playable sections, which will determine which Pokémon is available.

The game has a catch mode, which starts with a 2-minute window where the player must attempt to capture a Pokémon. The player has to hit the pop bumpers six times after the activation of the catch mode. Each hit by the player unlocks an image out of six total ones of the Pokémon currently available for capture.

#3 Pinball Dreams HD


Pinball Dreams HD lets you experience the Pinball Simulation in a new style with lots of cool features. Cowboy Rodeo develops the game for those players who are a diehard fan of Pinball games. Get to experience the epic gameplay in a 3D environment with four new tables, and all tables work pretty. It comes with slightly enhanced touch response and introduces two modes such as Classic 2D and Static. The game allows the player to release the ball after storing enough power and then try to collide with almost all objects available in the board to earn points while avoiding to fall. The ultimate objective is to make as many points as possible to unlock additional tables to make more points. During the gameplay, the unique power-ups and multiplier will help the player to make a huge score and then challenge the friend to break the record set by him. With engaging gameplay, superb mechanics, and cool features, Pinball Dreams HD is an immerse game to play.

#4 Marvel Pinball 3D


Marvel Pinball 3D is a Pinball Simulation developed and published by Zen Studios for Nintendo 3DS. The game comes with the original tables based on the superheroes from the Marvel Universe. During the gameplay, the player see Tony stark suit up for action on the table as he battles against enemies. The player can join the superheroes such as Blade and Hannibal in fictional New York environment to battle the vampiric waves controlled by Deacon Frost and Dracula. He must assist Captain America and the Howling Commandos defend the freedom against the Red Skull and Baron Zemo. At the starting of the game, the player chooses the superhero-based table, release the ball and attempt to score the highest points while avoiding the fall. It takes place in the stunning 3D environment and the player can engage in exciting superhero pinball action gameplay. Marvel Pinball 3D includes key features such as Pinball Experience, 3D Models, Challenge your Friends, and more. Check it out, and have fun.

#5 Dream Pinball 3D


Dream Pinball 3D is a Single-player and Multiplayer Pinball Simulation with an emphasis on arcade element developed by TopWare and published by SouthPeak Games. There are six unique tables available to play each with a distinct theme. It revolves around the traditional pinball games and its each table offers a variety of challenges because of their bumper positions, ramp, and flippers. The primary objective is to score as many as points by hitting the obstacles and bumpers. It has different bonuses available including extra lives and point multipliers. Six different materials including steel, walnut, ivory, marble, and gold affected the physics of the ball. In Multiplayer mode, the player can compete against his friend for the high score and can show off his pinball abilities. Dream Pinball 3D includes core feature such as 6 Pinball Machines, 6 different Materials, 7 Camera Positions, Motion Blur Effects, individual Effects, and more. Try it out, and you’ll love it.

#6 Quantic Pinball


Quantic Pinball is an Arcade, Action, and Single-player Pinball Simulation developed and published by Shine Research for multiple platforms. The game offers you a chance to show off your pinball skills and puts yourself in non-stop action gameplay with incredibly realistic physics experience. There are seven playable tables available from which you have to select one of them to start the game. It has eight different modes with a unique set of challenges such as Black Out, Magnetic Fields, Balls Teleportation, Shoot them up, Multiball, and more. You have to launch the ball and control it using flippers featured in the table and earn as many points as possible to become the master. Each table offers superb shadow and lightning effects and includes a variety of power-ups and combos that you can perform during the gameplay to get access to special rewards. Using the flippers, you must effort to stop the ball falling. Quantic Pinball includes core features such as 8 Modes, 6 Tables, Realistic Physics, and more. Try it out, and you’ll love it.

#7 Pinball FX3: Bethesda Pinball


Pinball FX3: Bethesda Pinball is an Expansion Pack for Pinball FX3 video game developed and published by Zen Studios. The expansion pack comes with the mix of three stunning tables focused on the iconic Bethesda franchises such as The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim Pinball, Fallout Pinball, and Doom Pinball. It offers the similar gameplay like the original game and comes with several new contents, modifications, and new features that players will enjoy. The game starts with the player selecting his table from available to start the match and launch the metal ball in the table to earn points. Using the paddle the player must avoid the ball falling and struggle to hit as many objects as possible to make points. To unlock further tables, the player can use his earned points. During the gameplay, the player receives several power-ups with different effects and each object grants the player different set points. In the game, the player experiences the 3D tables inspired by famous video games. Pinball FX3: Bethesda Pinball offers some improvements, new tables, and more.

#8 Metroid Prime Pinball


Metroid Prime Pinball is a Single-player and Multiplayer Pinball Simulation developed by Fuse Games and published by Nintendo for Nintendo DS. The game uses different story elements and the graphical style from Metroid Prime. It uses the basic mechanics of Pinball video games with typical pinball items. New mechanics are featured in the game such as wall jumping and the ability to fire weapons. The player can use the touch screen of Nintendo DS to nudge the pinball table and modify the trajectory of the ball. There are six different tables a different area of Metroid Prime inspires each table. Throughout the game, the player needs to acquire 12 artifacts, and the game rewards the player with prizes for each completed objectives. The game introduces the Single Mission mode, confining players to a single board. The game becomes challenging to play as the player learn how the game is played. Metroid Prime Pinball includes prominent features such as 3D Tables, Pinball Gameplay, Unlockable Content, and more. Check it out.

#9 Stern Pinball Arcade


Stern Pinball Arcade focuses on Singe-player Pinball gameplay developed by FarSight Studios and published by Stern Pinball Inc. The game offers a variety of Pinball Tables and lets the player score as many as possible to become the master. Each table has its unique graphics, flippers, and challenges that the player needs to complete. It comes with brilliant shadow effects, lightning, and physics systems. During the gameplay, the player unlocks power-ups and boosters to enhance his abilities. He can use the flippers to control the ball to avoid falling and can hit the ball to throw it a specific area to hit the obstacles and bumpers. In Stern Challenge, the player needs to accomplish the target score on each table and unlock further to progress. Stern Pinball Arcade includes core features such as Achievements, Upgrades, 3D Arcade Gameplay, Free Tables, Multiplayer Experience, and more. With immersive gameplay, superb mechanics, and wonderful graphics, Stern Pinball Arcade is the best game to play and enjoy.

#10 Hot Pinball Thrills


Hot Pinball Thrills is an Arcade and Pinball Simulation developed by Fancy Bytes and published by United Independent Entertainment. The game offers fast-paced gameplay focuses on traditional pinball elements and introduces a variety of tables including Beach, Moulin Rouge, and Card Wash each with unique graphics, physics, and elements. In the game, you have to launch the ball by storing the power, and watch how the ball collide with different objects and earn points for you. The more points you earn the more features will unlock. Each table equips with two flippers which can be used to hit the ball when it reaches to the bottom. Avoid falling the ball and hit again and again to set the giant record of points. Challenge your friends to beat your record by playing the game. Other power-ups, and bonuses will be unlocked as the ball collide with specific area of the table. Hot Pinball Thrills includes brilliant features such as 3 Unique Tables, Ball Physics, Multiple Camera Angel, Authentic Atmosphere, and more. Try it out, and you’ll enjoy it.

#11 Pinball HD Collection


Pinball HD Collection is an Arcade, and Single-player Pinball Simulation developed by OOO Gameprom and published by App Business Ventures LLC. It offers an exciting gameplay which will change your concept of Pinball games. It brings thrilling tables of Jungle Style, Wild West, The Deep, Pirates and more. The game takes place in the 3D environment and lets you a chance to show off your pinball skills to impress your buddies. Each table offers unique physics and graphics, mission system, location and a set of characters. Unique music with sound effects, atmospheric sounds and voices are available. Your primary objective is to launch the ball in the 3D table and struggle to avoid falling the ball. The main aim is to score the highest points and use to unlock additional content. Immerse yourself in unique pinball gameplay experience and polish your skills to perform your best. The game rewards you with massive rewards for each completed tables. Pinball HD Collection includes core features such as 12 Tables, Portrait Mode, Realistic Physics, Global High Scores, Unique soundtracks, and more. Try it out, and you’ll love it.

#12 Worms Pinball


Worms Pinball mixes the Action and Pinball elements developed and published by Team 17. The game supports both Single-player and Multiplayer modes and offers the improved gameplay and mechanics compared to the previous title. The game starts with a metal ball launch by the player to score the best points. There are different tables available with different physics, lightning system and themes. The player needs to store the power and launch the ball and use the flippers to control the ball and hit as many objects as possible to earn points and rewards. The ultimate task in the game is to complete the table missions and gather weapons to increase the rank and move to next five areas such as Jungle, Mars, Hell, Arctic, and Desert. The table offers more space for balls to traverse the specific fields and collect bonuses. It revolves around dynamic and realistic physics simulation and provides atmospheric reflection, lightning and shadow effects. Worms Pinball includes core features such as a Flexible Vector-based ball, Multiple Views, Shadow Effects, and more. Try it out, and you’ll enjoy it.

#13 Sonic Spinball


Sonic Spinball is an Action, Single-player and Multiplayer Pinball Simulation developed by Sega Technical Institute and published by Sega. The game takes place in the pinball machine-like environment, in which you controls the famous character named as Sonic the Hedgehog, who acts like a pinball in the level. According to the story, the evil scientist known as Doctor Robotnik has create a massive contraption called the Veg-O-Fortress, on the volcano’s top for the evil purpose of turning the animals of the environment into robots. The world needs a hero who save it from brutal evil’s plan. The player as the hero must explore the landscape his way through a series of levels and struggle to battle robots and fend off the antagonist from destroying the world. The majority of the gameplay takes place in the pinball defense system which manage a pinball machines. The game has four unique levels each comprises different sets of flippers that can be used to aim and launch Sonic. With core features, superb mechanics, and wonderful graphics, Sonic Spinball is the best game to play and enjoy.

#14 Zombie Pinball


Zombie Pinball is a Single-player, Action, and Pinball Simulation developed by Shine Research for multiple platforms. The game introduces seven different tables with unique physics. It brings an exciting gameplay for those who love playing pinball games. It focuses on the concept of zombie-theme and lets the player launch the ball to score the highest points. The game has up to twenty spectacular modes and features hundreds of challenges to accomplish. The player needs to control flippers to hit the ball and avoid falling. After scoring the highest points, the player can challenge his buddies to beat his record. During the gameplay, the player will discover crazy atmosphere, breathtaking music, and more. Zombie Pinball includes core features such as Addictive Gameplay, 20 Modes, hundreds of Challenges, 7 different Tables, and more. Try it out.