Final Fantasy XIV Online


Games Like Final Fantasy XIV Online for PSP

#1 Allods Online


Allods Online is brilliant Free to play 3D Fantasy-based MMORPG video game by Allods team. The game basically combines the elements of some of the biggest names like Rage of Mages, Evil Islands, Evil Islands: Lost in Astral, Evil Lands: Curse of the Lost Soul and Rage of Mages 2: Necromancer etc. and offers a totally unique MMORPG game-play that offers a number of Quests, NPCs, Dungeon Crawling elements, a unique Guild System, PvP and PvE combat events, Arenas of Deaths (24 vs. 24 battles), Epic battles against multiple types of enemies, Ship to Ship combats and allows you to explore a huge and tremendously crowded Holy Land. The unique crafting and building ability lets you build ginormous Ships and sail around all of the Magical world known as The Astral, Collect a number of objects, find treasures and discover the world never ever seen before. The new zones such as Goblin Republic, can be discovered by defeating your enemies in heavy Ship to Ship combats. Multiple ships can be controlled by the players and this features alone makes the game more addictive and challenging. The guild system of the game lets you recruit individuals like yourself and fight off the enemies together as on massive force. With quest-based story-line, great visuals and an addictive and immersive game-play, Allods Online is a wonderful game to play and enjoy.


#2 Lord of Arcana


Lord of Arcana is another brilliant Action-Adventure and RPG video game. The game is set in a world named as Horodyn and tells the story about a sacred Stone that is the source of ultimate Power. The Monsters are after the Stone and your duty is to save the Stone from the vicious monsters in order to save Horodyn. Lord of Arcana offers Monster Hunter like game-play and mechanics and allows you to use your sophisticated weaponry to defeat and slay the monsters, Craft more items like weapons, shields, armors etc. to be stronger and eventually eliminate them all to save the stone and your country. Lord of Arcana with up to 4 players Co-Op Multiplayer option, Cool visuals, great story and an addictive game-play is a wonderful game to play.

#3 Suikoden II


Suikoden II is an Action, Role-playing and Single-player video game created and published by Konami. It is the second game in the series of Suikoden and takes place after the event of the original game and revolves around on an invasion by the Highland’s Kingdom of the City known as Jowston. You can get into the role of the protagonist whose name is selected by you. According to the story, the protagonist is adopted by Genkaku, who is a hero and served his services to rescue the fictional land of Jowston in a massive war against Highland many years ago. The game combines the elements of strategy and lets you control the protagonist and travel through various locations around the globe, complete a series of tasks and interact with NPCs. You are also able to create new characters to accomplish sidequest. The gameplay becomes challenging as you gain experience. There are three types of combat such as Regular Battles, Duels, and Massive Battles. With superb gameplay, well-written story and brilliant mechanics, Suikoden II os the best game to play. Try it out, and you’ll love it.


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