Emergency Call 112: The Fire Fighting Simulation


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#1 911 Operator


911 Operator is a Strategy and Single-player Management Simulation developed by Jutsu Games and published by Games Operator for Multiple Platforms. The game puts the player in the role of the dispatcher, who needs to deal with incoming emergency reports rapidly. The ultimate goal of the player isn’t just to pick up the emergency calls, but also to react like sometimes instructing first aid and more. The game is set in the stunning environment invaded by crime, and the player needs to check out thousands of cities across the world. It offers Free play mode, letting the player select the city and start playing the game. During the game, the player can try the Career mode, which consists of six big cities with unique events such as rescue Washington from bomb attacks and survive an earthquake in San Francisco. In the game, the number of police, paramedic units and fire departments are at the player disposal, and the forces may use a series of vehicles from a police vehicle to helicopter, require equipment and more. There are more than fifty recorded dialogues available inspired by real calls and the game introduces the real first-aid instructions. More than 140 different types of reports are available to counter and the game contains up to 12 emergency vehicles.