Detective Games: Crime scene investigation

Games Like Detective Games: Crime scene investigation

#1 Detective Riddles – Sherlock’s Heritage


Detective Riddles – Sherlock’s Heritage is an Adventure, Puzzle, Detective, and Single-player video game developed by Somer Games. All through the game, the player finds himself in a detective’s role who has to reveal the conspiracy being created against a peaceful society. The player must outsmart the villain and solve the puzzles.

The only way to catch the villain is to solve more than 120 unique puzzles and proves to be a true detective by not letting any of the puzzles overcome the logical sense of the player. The game has six exciting adventures with the same mission, i.e., to uncover all the clever villain’s mystical crimes.

#2 Jekyll & Hyde – Visual Novel, Detective Story Game


Jekyll & Hyde – Visual Novel, Detective Story Game is an Adventure, Choice-based, Casual, and Single-player video game developed by MazM. Throughout the game, the player plays like an unnamed character whose main mission is to follow the storyline of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

It is an addictive game with visual novel gameplay and no combats. The player follows a series of events through the story where the right decision takes the player to the ultimate victories. In this interactive game, controls are touch-based, where pointing to the right option allows the player to move on.

#3 Psychic Detective


Psychic Detective is an Adventure, Interactive, and Single-player video game developed by Colossal Pictures. Throughout the gameplay, the player assumes the role of a protagonist named Kevin Breznahan, who has to interact with the icons placed on the screen. The player has a supernatural ability to examine the picked objects through a psychic manner.

The player has to solve the mysteries and puzzle by making use of this power. There are multiple endings of an individual puzzle, and it all depends upon the choices made by the player. The game has offered many uncovered storylines, and if the player makes no choices or wrong choices, he watches those events unfold by the computer.

#4 Duskwood Crime and Investigation Detective Story


Duskwood Crime and Investigation Detective Story is an RPG, Adventure, Investigation, and Single-player video game developed by Everbyte for Android. Duskwood is a village surrounded by a forest, and strangers commonly get lost in this horrible place. The inhabitants of the Duskwood have never worried about these happenings; however, in the last 72 hours, many things have changed.

A girl has disappeared, and the legends that are roaming the ancient forest seem to come alive. Throughout the gameplay, the player has to investigate the murders or different cases by serving as an investigator. Skills and imaginations are the key features as the player has must be sharp-minded to reach the destination.

#5 Detective Girl of the Steam City


Detective Girl of the Steam City is a Strategy, RPG, Adventure, and Single-player video game developed by Kagura Games. During the game, you take the role of a female protagonist named Sophie, whose main objective is to serve her town. The game offers an investigation environment where you need to perform the job of an investigator in the city of steam.

The city is full of crime and the worst people that perform evil deeds to make the city worse, and you need to get control of the worst acts by getting deep and investigate several people. While exploring the city, you will face various threatens and enemies who will try to kill you, but you need to serve the country and beat everyone with your strength and strategy.

#6 Bucket Detective


Bucket Detective is an Adventure, Story Rich, and Single-player First-person Perspective video game developed and published by The Whale Husband for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. The game offers unique gameplay, in which the player needs to help a cult accomplish a ritual in exchange for inspiration to complete the writing his thrilling novel. It comes with a story-based experience where the decisions the player make will determine which of the five different endings the player received. The player can play several times to unlock other parts of the storyline and can take over forty-five minutes to complete the story. The game takes place in the detailed home where the player can move from a first-person perspective, interact with objects and the environment to find the truth behind the scene. He has to complete several objectives to find clues and use them to solve the puzzles. Bucket Detective includes prominent features such as Story-focused Gameplay, First-person Exploration, Play Multiple Times, and more. Check it out.

#7 Detective Barbie in The Mystery of the Carnival Caper


Detective Barbie in The Mystery of the Carnival Caper is an Adventure, Mystery, Adventure, and Single-player video game developed by Gorilla Systems. The story follows a lady character named Ken who has been disappeared after being entered into the local carnival. The player has to find the lost character using his puzzle-solving techniques.

The game is played using a single mouse, such as to move the girl/Barbie, the player has to move the mouse pointer on the screen. Clues are scattered along with the different locations, and at each game, the player has to gather clues as it can bring Barbie closer to the mystery reveal. To find puzzle pieces, the player has to blend his mind and must not become stick at any points. Detective Barbie in The Mystery of the Carnival Caper has core features such as Mysteries, Puzzle Gameplay, Point-and-click Scenarios, and Various Locations.

#8 Touch Detective


Touch Detective is an Adventure and Single-player video game developed by BeeWorks and published by Success Corporation. The game uses the point-and-click interface and deals with a mix of puzzle and adventure gameplay elements. In the game, the player controls a detective named Mackenzie with a task to solve four challenging mysteries takes place in a town of Osawari. Both the storyline and the art-style reflect a fantasy mood. The game is divided into four episodes, and each has a set of mystery that the player must complete advancing through the story. In the first episode, Penelope comes to the protagonist to help her in finding sweet dreams. In the second episode, Penelope goes missing, and upon investigating the case, it seems like her room was broken. Similar to first two episodes, last two episodes has its unique storyline, a set of puzzles, and mysteries to uncover. During the gameplay, the player can interact with NPCs to gather information, find clues, and use to solve the mystery. Touch Detective includes prominent features such as Four Episodes, Find Clues, Become a Detective, and more. Try it out, if you love playing puzzle games.

#9 The Darkside Detective


The Darkside Detective is an Adventure and Single-player video game developed and published by Spooky Doorway for Multiple Platforms. The game takes place in the world of Twin Lakes City, and the player takes on the role of the female protagonist named Francis McQueen, a detective who must command the underfunded Darkside Division to investigate the evil appearances in the town. In the world, the cultist’s crawl and demon dwell, the player need to control the detective to solve the challenging mysteries. The game offers the adventure gameplay with a distinct sense of humour. There are six complex cases available, and further cases are coming soon. The player explores the world from a side-scroll perspective with an aim to interact with Non-player Characters, meets strange creatures, and struggle to solve the mysteries to become the world’s best detective. The Darkside Detective includes prominent features such as Six Cases, Gravity Ghost, Cutting Edge Graphics, and more.

#10 Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective


Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective revolves around Interactive Movie, Full Motion Video, and Adventure elements, created and published by ICOM Simulations. The game offers exciting gameplay based on the tabletop book with the same name. It uses the live actors and puts the player in charge of the protagonist named as Sherlock Holmes and his partner named as Dr Watson, struggling to solve three complex crime cases by exploring different locations. The player needs to solve the cases by investigating the locations, listening to the sounds, and reading the dialogues between characters. The game starts with the player meeting a client and collecting clues about the case. After that, the player must visit the location or person, read the newspapers for evidence or interact with NPCs to investigate. The objective of the player is to unleash his inner detective, interrogate the suspects, and solve the mystery to advance through the game. The game will take the player back to the study of the protagonist and his partner where they will figure out the events that transpired, and Dr Watson will tell the player of his/her score.