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Deliver Us the Moon

Deliver Us the Moon is an Action, Adventure, Space, Puzzle, Exploration, Sci-fi, and Single-player video game offered by KeokeN Interactive. During the gameplay, the player takes the role of an astronaut and explores the moon to regenerate the energy sources for the globe… read more
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4 Games Like Deliver Us the Moon on Steam


1. Avorion

Avorion is a Sci-fi, Building, Sandbox, Single-player and Multiplayer Space video game developed and published by Boxelware for Multiple Platforms. The game takes place in the massive space environment contains many star systems, planets, and galaxies to explore. Many years ago, a cataclysmic almost ripped the player galaxy apart, an insurmountable ring of the hyperspace fabric occurred in the midst of the galaxy. However, since this event there is no one who has successfully managed to get near the regions of the galaxy. In the game world, there are rumors about a new metal known as Avorion, occurred in the midst of the galaxy. The player starts the game with nothing at his disposal at the edge of galaxy and work his way to the center of the galaxy that become more dangerous. The game introduces the sandbox aspects from the games, including Freelancer in which the player experience the co-op multiplayer gameplay and create his own ships. Avorion offers prominent features such as Epic Battle, Equip the Ship with Weapons, Explore the Beautiful environment, Build your Fleet, Co-op Multiplayer, and more.


2. Pulsar: Lost Colony

Pulsar: Lost Colony is the perfect blend of First-person Shooter, Space Exploration and Science-fiction elements developed and published by Leafy Games, LLC for Multiple Platforms. The game features both Single and Multiplayer modes, and it deals with space exploration, in which the randomly generated galaxy is built with a spaceship of the choice of the player. The player may warp to different systems and can upgrade his ship when encountering a system with a trading post. The game comes with several character classes, including Captain, Scientist, Engineer, Pilot, and more. It starts with the player choosing his favourite class from available and jump into the game to complete a variety of missions and make as many points as possible. There are three different factions such as the Alliance of Gentlemen, the Colonial Union, and W.D. Corporation. Two more factions will be included in future such as the Fluffy Biscuit Company and the Polytechnic Federation. Pulsar: Lost Colony includes core features such as Four Factions, Five Classes, Original Soundtracks, Procedurally Generated Galaxies, and more.


3. Allspace

Allspace offers a mix of Action, First-person Shooter, Sci-fi, and Exploration gameplay elements developed and published by ShilohGames. The game takes place in a fascinating environment where the player as a pilot can shred his spaceship with missiles, plasma, and lasers and can participate in an only multiplayer Space battle. The multiplayer mode supports up to 100 players, and the players can blast each other online to become the best. During the gameplay, the player can move from a first-person perspective, and his main objective is to use a set of weapons to take down enemies and make points to unlock additional content to explore. While piloting a spaceship, the player can move in any direction to complete a set of tasks and smash space stations and other locations to make points. Allspace includes prominent features such as Multiplayer, Team Deathmatch, Unlockable Content, Engaging Gameplay, Several Modes, and more. With highly detailed graphics, smooth controls, and modern weapons, Allspace is a good game to play.


4. Atomic Space Command

Atomic Space Command is an Action, Team-based Strategy, Single-player and Multiplayer video game created and published by No, You Shut Up Inc. The game takes players in the solar arena and leaves there to experience the co-op spaceship combat. Takes place in the 3D environment, the game puts the player in charge of Atomic Overlord fighting against rival players for the coveted Spice Atomic. However, often players are teaming up with Allied Atomic Overlord, and the player must field armadas to fight across the solar system, build on planets, and extract Spice Atomics to claim victory. During the gameplay, the player has a chance to manipulate an entire solar system arena with up to eight players in multiplayer mode. In PvP mode, the player can challenge other players, or in PvE, the player can fly solo to complete a set of missions. While playing the game, the player can share command of a ship and its system with a friend. Build Bases, Decorate the Ship, Multiplayer Gameplay, Customization, Ship Decals, Devise Spaceborne Strategies, and more.

More About Deliver Us the Moon

Deliver Us the Moon is an Action, Adventure, Space, Puzzle, Exploration, Sci-fi, and Single-player video game offered by KeokeN Interactive. During the gameplay, the player takes the role of an astronaut and explores the moon to regenerate the energy sources for the globe. The sources on the earth remain no more, and for the survival of humanity, the player must arrange the energy sources.

The companion of the player named ASE who will help the player to traverse the moon and explore different clues, and uncover the hidden agendas. The player can view the space with both third-person and first-person perspective. A player can use a rocket to get to the moon and inspect the moon by foot, utilizing a rover, or a monorail to cover the large distances of the moon.

Different abilities of advanced technology, such as age space-suits, cutting lasers, and robot arms, will surely make the task easy. The player can use an oxygen tank to stay alive in the space, once the oxygen runs out, the player won’t be able to breathe, so the player must overcome obstacles by maintaining the oxygen. Deliver Us the Moon has core features, such as ASE as Companion, Oxygen Tank, Space-Suits, Third-person and First-person Perspectives, and Different Equipment.