Games Like Deadside

#1 Will To Live Online


Will To Live Online is an Adventure, Simulation, Survival, and Single-player video game developed by Alpha Soft for Windows. The story takes an unnamed character to the wastelands of the post-apocalyptic world, where the mission is to explore the large open world filled with dangerous mutants and armed survivors.

Hunger and thirst are the main resources, and dangerous anomalies will give the player a tough in fetching these resources. The player can survive in this severe world by finding elemental things. Completing quests, fighting monsters, obtaining resources, and reusing other survivors are the main tasks of survival.




THE SKIES: REBORN is an Adventure, Simulation, Open-World, and Single-player video game developed by Skies Technologies. Throughout the game, the player operates an unnamed character who sets off on an adventure with the mission to search for a place for survival. The game takes place in the 21st century, where the Earth has gone, and the civilization has collapsed.

The game has many different vast lands to explore, including forests, farms, and desserts. The player has allowed the player to modify the character according to his style of play. In PvP mode, the player can hunt down other players alone or in a clan.

#3 Edengrad


Edengrad is an Adventure, RPG, Single-player, and MMO video game developed by Huckleberry Games. Throughout the game, the players assume the role of a member of the W.A.R.P. organization who sets off on some secrets tasks. The main missions are to build shelters, hunt animals, and take care of all the basic needs to survive.

Along the survival quest, the player can interact with other players worldwide. The maps are larger enough for endless exploration, but the player will not find safety zones and safe places to hide. The roaming enemies can catch and kill the player easily, so the player must be prepared for a challenge.




LURE: FREE is an Adventure, Survival, Zombies, and Single-player video game developed by Lure Corporation. Throughout the game, the player finds himself in a world filled with zombies with some weapons in hand and use them to eliminate the undead creatures. While playing the game, the player views the environment from a first-person angle.

The player must not ignore his hunger and thirst, and if he does so, he can die. The player has to travel through cities and must search for food but be careful, as some poisoned food can cause the player’s death. When the player kills zombies, animals, and other enemies, he will receive experience points.

#5 Survival Classic


Survival Classic is an Adventure, Survival, Simulation, and Single-player video game developed by TB Games. Throughout the game, the player controls an unnamed character whose main mission is to explore the territories of cities and factories to find the hidden zombies and eliminate them. While playing the game, the player can view the environment from a first-person perspective.

The game takes the player to Siberia, which is a cold place with harmful dangers. The player can use different weapons like axes, chainsaws, metal rods, etc., to hit the monsters and save the character from being harmed. The game has a vast map to explore, but the dangers lie in all directions.

#6 Aftershock


Aftershock is an Action-Adventure, Simulation, and Single-player video game developed by Mango Tree Game. Throughout the scenario, the player controls a nameless character through a fearsome world where the dangers and other horrible creatures are waiting for the survivor. While playing the game, the player views the environment from a first-person perspective.

The player finds many different scenes such as caves, old churches, alone islands, and graveyards. Unknown houses, factories, forests, asylum, etc., will also be available for the player to explore. Some lakes will generate crocodiles and other dangerous characters when the player comes close to them.

#7 Sunrise: survival


Sunrise: survival is an Action-Adventure, Shooting, Simulation, and Single-player video game developed by Fedorov Ilya. All through the game, the player plays like a survivor whose task is to survive in the harsh conditions of the post-apocalyptic world filled with many obstacles. The player can explore regions and team up with other players to survive with them.

The player can customize his character and equip him with the best available weapon. The player has many deadly weapons at his disposal where he can use all these weapons to eliminate the zombies. Not only deadly creatures but monsters, anomalies, natural phenomena, and other players are waiting for the player.

#8 XERA: Survival


XERA: Survival is an Action-Adventure, Survival, Simulation, and Single-player video game developed by Spotted Kiwi Interactive. It is the 2022 era where some nameless robots have banned the Earth, and the people are suffering from the toughest time. The player becomes a survivor whose main mission is to engage in a survival battle against the zombies where the winner dominates the Earth.

The player can play alone or create a squad of up to four players representing the unique character. The player must store his required items in a global inventory so that if he the player access the game from other devices, he can utilize all the saved item.

#9 Animyst


Animyst is an Adventure, Horror, and Single-player video game developed by Animyst Games. Through the game, the world had gone into pieces ages ago, and a magical quest has occupied. The player finds himself in an unnamed character’s role who has not given a mission. It’s all depends on the player to live and survive.

Instead of the game’s missions, the player needs to discover his pace. All the players fight in a familiar massive world with their separate skills. The player can craft dozens of powerful items that are beneficial in making a survival from gathered ingredients scattered around the field.


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