David Crane’s A Boy and his Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia

Games Like David Crane’s A Boy and his Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia

#1 Casper’s Scare School


Casper’s Scare School is a combination of three series games with different objectives. The story follows the main character named Casper, who finds himself in a Scare School along with his family. The player discovers a Vampire’s plan to turn all the characters into stones. The included games are Casper’s Scare School, Casper’s Scare School: Classroom Capers, and Casper’s Scare School: Spooky Sports Day.

In the first game, the player has to complete six racing levels against time. The player has to collect the missing content in all the levels and win for the glory. In the final level, the antagonist has turned Casper’s friends into stone, and the player must find each friend to turn them back into themselves.

#2 Casper and The Ghostly Trio


Casper and The Ghostly Trio is a 3D, Puzzle-Platform, and Single-player video game developed by Best Entertainment. Throughout the game, Casper is the protagonist whose three uncles, including Fatso, Stinkie, and Stretch, have kidnapped his friend Wendy. The antagonists are planning on misusing Wendy’s magic to rule over Ghostland.

The player has to help Casper free his friend and stop the uncles in their plans. The game has six different levels, and every level offers a specific objective to complete. Through the platform scenarios, the player has to collect four keys on each map. Some of the levels contain objects like crates that the player must move to reach final areas.

#3 Casper: Friends Around the World


Casper: Friends Around the World is an Action-Adventure, Platform, and Single-player video game developed by Realtime Associates. Throughout the gameplay, the player finds himself in Casper’s role, the main protagonist, through different levels with the mission to make the antagonist’s plans unsuccessful.

The antagonist has kidnapped the player’s friends using a machine so the little ghost cannot see them again. Casper finds a Map that shows his friends’ location, and he has to save them before the evil antagonist runs out of anger. The game has a series of levels located in different places such as Egypt, Paris, and Hollywood.

#4 Casper: Animated Activity Center


Casper: Animated Activity Center is an Education, Point-and-click, and Single-player video game developed by Sound Source Interactive. Throughout the time, the player plays as Casper and begins the adventure in Ghost Central Station. The game has no combat scenarios or enemies that make it interesting and suitable for kids.

The game includes six different activities or mini-games of the puzzles, mazes, and matching genres. The mini-games have simple to play levels that offer rewards after completion. The game has a scoring system that unlocks a bonus activity when the player has collected enough points from other areas.