Canada Simulator 2 Premium

Games Like Canada Simulator 2 Premium

#1 I Am Your President


I Am Your President is a Strategy, Adventure, Political, Management, and Single-player video game developed by President Studios. All through the game, the player takes on the role of a US president whose main mission is to take care of almost seven billion people by making tough and easy decisions. Everyone is waiting for the new orders, and from industry to the whole army, the entirety lies under the player’s control.

The player has not to take any pressure and makes progress slowly. The player can personalize his political views and must wisely choose his advisors or cabinet members. If any of the ministers are not working according to the criteria, the player has the authority to fire him and hire a new minister to not let the work stop. Interestingly, it also lies in the player’s hand to make friends or enemies according to the situation.

#2 President Forever 2008 + Primaries


President Forever 2008 + Primaries is a Strategy, Political, Simulation, Management, and Single-player video game developed by Theory Spark. All through, the player plays like a successful candidate who has to deploy the strategies that will influence the country. The player must focus on limited resources and spend on the states accordingly by keeping an overview of the budget.

The player must recruit new soldiers in individual states to boost the momentum. During the election, the player can offer a campaign message by using big-name crusaders to travel from state to state for popular support. All candidates have a set of attributes such as leadership, integrity, charisma, and experience that can help those performing activities.

#3 Power Politics


Power Politics is a Strategy, Political Simulation, Government Management, and Single-player video game developed by Mindscape. All through the game, the player has to create a political candidate equipped with certain strengths and weaknesses and fight for president position by gaining the highest number of votes.

For this purpose, the player needs to determine the type of advertising campaign to be run across the states. The player has a limited budget and remaining within the budget; the player has to win popularity across the country. To become a president, the player has to gain momentum in every state/city by creating advertising campaigns or visiting them.

#4 President Elect


President Elect is a Strategy, Political Simulation, Management, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed by Strategic Simulations. The game has granted an opportunity to the player to play like a historical, potential, or fictional candidate during the campaigns. The player can play through two playable scenarios as Historical or Ahistorical.

In the historical scenario, the player has to play with fixed economic and foreign policy conditions. On the other side, an ahistorical session allows the player to vary all those variables accordingly. It is possible to create a fictional candidate or choose a real candidate from outside of the game’s content featured with various political, personal, and geographic attributes.

#5 The Political Machine


The Political Machine is a Strategy, Government Simulation, Management, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed by Stardock. All through the game, the player serves as a candidate for the presidency with the task of running a campaign that will help him become the US president. The player can accomplish his goal by traveling from state to state and engaging himself in a variety of activities.

Before each game, the player has to select a pre-created candidate or create a fictional candidate from two major American parties, such as Republican Party or Democratic Party. The player can make his budget in advertising through newspapers, radio, or Television programs. The most interesting thing about the game is the consumption of stamina during the turns. In each turn, a candidate has been granted a set amount of stamina that will be decreased gradually as the player starts engaging in activities.

#6 Germany Simulator 2


Germany Simulator 2 is a Strategy, Adventure, Political, and Single-player video game developed by Oxiwyle for mobile platforms. All through the game, the player rules Germany and makes tactical decisions that can influence its fate. It’s all about strategy and political knowledge to run the country like a true president.

As a country leader, the player has to perform many tasks and keep his country safe. The first and most duty of the player is to manage the economic stats of the country and must build strong relations with other countries in order to gain/give help.

#7 Government Simulator


Government Simulator is a Strategy, Simulation, Political, and Single-player video game for Windows developed by Ambiera. Throughout the gameplay, the player serves as a country’s president and all the Governmental task lies under his control. All the resources such as population, GDP, economic growth, unemployment, and other social activities need the player’s attention.

The player has to control social issues like crime, birth rate, mortality rate, death rate, diseases, and much more to prosper the country’s population. Adjustment of budgets, ups, and downs in taxes, maintain the laws, and eliminating unemployment are the basics that can strengthen the country.

#8 Democracy 4


Democracy 4 is a Strategy, Management, Simulation, and Single-player video game developed by Positech Games. It is the fourth entry in the Democracy series where the player has to follow the same scenarios as in the last ones. The game lets the player take the President’s role, where all the governmental tasks are under the player’s control.

The player can define the state’s policies, laws, and other actions. The player has to keep the nation happy and must try to retain popularity. It is not a game about winning an election, but it is about to run the country. Losing an election is the game’s end, but the player has to win the people’s hearts.

#9 President Simulator Lite


President Simulator Lite is a Strategy, Management, and Single-player video game offered by Oxiwyle for Android. Throughout the game, the player takes on the role of a president whose main task is to show his strength, wisdom, and perseverance. The player can serve his favorite country and build it a superpower through tactical decisions; otherwise, the world will smash the country.

The player has to manage more than 20 ministries and departments, including health, education, trading, exporting, business sectors, etc. The player has to maximize the country’s economy by applying taxes and deploying new rules.

#10 Modern Age – President Simulator


Modern Age – President Simulator is a Strategy, Management, and Single-player video game for Android offered by Oxiwyle. Throughout the gameplay, the player serves as a president whose task is to run the country by managing all the affairs. The game has many countries, and the player can serve his desired nation.

The player must explore new technologies and expand his territory. Sometimes, the player needs to fight other countries for his rights. The player must be a motivational speaker and a strong leader to take his country to the top. The player must pay heed to prepare military units and must send spies to be aware of the other country’s policies.

#11 The President is Missing


The President is Missing is an Adventure, Point-and-Click, Detective, and Single-player video game developed by Amiga. Throughout the gameplay, the player takes the role of an investigator whose mission is to solve the puzzling cases through photographs and documents. All the information must be collected and must not ignore any suspect. U.S. President invites the leaders of ten countries to a secret meeting on world terrorism in Lichtenstein.

Three helicopters enter the castle during the meeting, capture the VIPs, and escape over the border. The player has eight agents to lead, and he must order them through the communications section of the interface. All the agents perform a passive investigation allocated to them. The player can also send identical targets to the central department using the same communications section.

#12 Mr. President


Mr. President is an Action-Adventure, Psychological Horror, and Single-player Politics Simulation developed and published by Game Developer X for Microsoft Windows. The game drops the player into the role of the protagonist named as Dick Johnson, who is the bulletproof man. According to the story, the player is sworn to guard the most disliked president candidate named Ronald Rump. The liberal media has rigged the election and struggle to tarnish his glowing public image, and now they are attempting to end the life. In the game, the player needs to flip, leap, roll, and do other verbs to get in between certain death and Rump. The player must protect his hated personality to manage his expenses. The player has to dodge or overcome more than fifty challenging assassination attempts from the threat. He must follow Ronald Rump during the campaign of his presidential and explore several locations across the world. Mr. President includes prominent features such as Pro Rasslin Challenges, Globe Trotting Adventure, more than Fifty Assassination Attempts, and more. Try it out, and have fun.